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What to Watch on Thursday: ‘Sole Man’ a basketball power player

Sonny Vaccaro in the documentary, "30-for-30: Sole Man."
Sonny Vaccaro in the documentary, "30-for-30: Sole Man." ESPN

30-for-30: Sole Man (9 p.m., ESPN) – This documentary, directed by Jon Weinbach and Dan Marks, tells the story of Sonny Vaccaro, who rose from Pennsylvania steel town roots to become one of the most powerful and influential men in the athletic shoe industry (he signed Michael Jordan to his first shoe deal) and in basketball.

Also on tonight . . .

The Vampire Diaries (8 p.m., CW) – Damon concocts a risky plan to stop Caroline and Stefan from wreaking havoc, and Elena reevaluates her life as a vampire after learning Jo is pregnant.

Scandal (9 p.m., ABC) – Papa Pope is back, and his return raises the stakes for those targeting B613. Meanwhile, Fitz needs his new vice president’s help to pass an important bill.

Jascha Heifetz: God’s Fiddler (10 p.m., UNC-TV) – An American Masters profile of violin virtuoso Jascha Heifetz, with insight from Itzhak Permlman, students and archival performances.

The Comedians (10 p.m., FX) – In an attempt to bond outside work, Billy begrudgingly invites Josh over to his house to watch a ballgame. Joe Torre and Sugar Ray Leonard play themselves.

American Crime (10 p.m., ABC) – Aubry (sigh) is asked to testify against Carter, while a new investigator has information for Aliyah.