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NC’s Brooke Simpson shows ‘Amazing Grace’ in latest performance on ‘The Voice’

Brooke Simpson performs on the Nov. 27 episode of “The Voice” on NBC.
Brooke Simpson performs on the Nov. 27 episode of “The Voice” on NBC. Trae Patton/NBC

Brooke Mills Simpson couldn’t have been given a bigger song than the one she performed for Monday night’s Top 10 performance on “The Voice.”

The Hollister native triggered chill bumps across America with a gorgeous rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

Her coach Miley Cyrus made the decision to move her “from mainstream current to completely traditional” music, and Brooke nailed it.

During rehearsals, Brooke explained that her connection to inspirational music is a deep one.

“Songs like this are the reason why I fell in love with music,” she said. “My mom and dad are full time evangelists. Growing up every weekend, we would travel from church to church and witness the power of music. Songs like ‘Amazing Grace’ let me know that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

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Her coach instructed her to start the song a cappella, to remind people that she is “the voice,” and then to modernize it a little once she was into it.

“I hope America sees that Brooke is what ‘The Voice’ is all about: to discover amazing talent,” Miley Cyrus said. “Brooke has the biggest voice in this competition.”

“I just want to get up there and in the most raw way possible, show my heart,” Brooke said.

That she did.

The audience went crazy both during and after her performance. Her mom and dad – Jimille and Mike Mills – were shown cheering and blowing Brooke kisses from the crowd.

And the judges were impressed.

Jennifer Hudson: “Woo child, girl ... the spirit is universal. Your heart. Not only your beautiful gift, but to sing from a place like that, to touch our hearts the way you just did, in your own way, from your own culture. And for all of that to come out, I’m just glad and grateful to be able to sit here and witness it – and glad to see a voice like yours get this type of platform.”

Blake Shelton: “This night has been stacking up like, it gets to a point where you’re like, OK, it can’t get much better. And Brooke, I gotta say, as an opposing coach, you just took it to the next level.”

Miley Cyrus: “You just put like a giant band-aid on my broken heart from last week. I told you I could not lose another of my girls, I just love and care about my team so, so much. [Cyrus team member Janice Freeman was eliminated last week.] I know I’m not going to feel that this week because you are not going anywhere!”

Last week for her Top 11 performance, Brooke sang “What About Us” by Pink, a stirring anthem that served as a tribute to Brooke’s Native American heritage. Brooke is a member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe.

Once again, it’s time to vote.

Here’s how to vote

There are many ways to vote.

You can vote online at NBC.com or on “The Voice” Facebook page.

You can vote through The Voice mobile app.

You can vote at iTunes by purchasing eligible songs by the artists or by streaming the songs through Apple Music.

Comcast cable viewers can also vote through X1 remote or at The xfinity website.

You can vote on Twitter using hashtags (for duets only) and you can “save” people this same way on an elimination night.

Here are all of the rules.

It looks like you can vote ten times on each platform. Online, app and iTunes voting can take place until noon on Tuesday, EST.

What’s next

At 8 tomorrow night (Tuesday, Dec. 5), eight singers are revealed as “safe” by the votes and the bottom two compete to see which one can stay another week. That’s when you’ll use your hashtag voting to save one of the singers.

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