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‘Your winner is standing right here’: Miley Cyrus puts her faith in Brooke Simpson to make ‘The Voice’ finale

Brooke Simpson performing on the Dec. 4 episode of “The Voice” on NBC.
Brooke Simpson performing on the Dec. 4 episode of “The Voice” on NBC. Trae Patton/NBC

Monday night’s performance episode of NBC’s “The Voice” was the last before next week’s two finale shows, and the eight remaining contestants – including Hollister, N.C.’s Brooke Mills Simpson – all performed individually and in duets.

The stakes were sky-high Monday night, because four of the remaining eight singers will be eliminated in Tuesday’s episode.

Brooke’s duet

Brooke got her duet in the first hour of the show, singing The Weeknd’s “Earned It“ with Davon Fleming from Jennifer Hudson’s team. Brooke is on Team Miley Cyrus.

Before the duet, Brooke said that she and Davon have been hanging out even before being assigned to sing together. They even showed off their “Milly Rock” dance moves (Brooke says it’s the only dance she can do). Davon called Brooke his “sister for life” and “a bundle of joy.” Davon also said they were going to be the new pop-soul version of Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell, and Brooke pretended to faint (Davon caught her).

During the performance, an animated Brooke was clearly having a great time and was all smiles near the end. Then the commercial break went straight to Brooke and Davon singing “No Place Like Home for the Holidays” in a Target ad.

Fans were urged to vote for the duo with the hashtag #BrookeDavonDuet on Twitter.

Brooke’s solo performance

Brooke was the last singer to perform Monday night. She is also the last member of Team Miley Cyrus remaining on the program.

In rehearsals, Miley called Brooke the frontrunner: “Last week, I think we put you back in that frontrunner spot with ‘Amazing Grace’” – a song that landed in the Number 2 spot on the iTunes charts last week, just below Beyonce.

For Brooke’s solo Monday, Miley picked Journey’s “Faithfully,” giving her a rock ballad for the first time this season.

“It’s so relevant to the situation we’re in right now,” Brooke said, referencing her husband Ray Simpson, who has spent most of the season at their home in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. “I’m chasing my dreams and even though I’m far away, my husband is my biggest support system. I still have him in my corner and my heart, faithfully.”

Ray was in the audience for Monday’s show.

“Faithfully” turned out to be a great song for Brooke’s big voice, and she got into it, kicking her leg and pumping her arms while she sang, even jumping around a little as the song reached its crescendo. And she nailed it.

After the performance, her coach, Miley Cyrus: “If you are not in the finale, I don’t know what this show is. . . . If this show is about ‘the voice,’ if it’s about finding that kind of vocal talent, your winner is standing right here.”

Brooke is Native American, a member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe in Halifax County. Her presence on “The Voice” has been a great source of pride for Native American groups across the country.

Here’s how to vote

There are many ways to vote.

You can vote online at NBC.com or on “The Voice” Facebook page.

You can vote through The Voice mobile app.

You can vote at iTunes by purchasing eligible songs by the artists or by streaming the songs through Apple Music.

Comcast cable viewers can also vote through X1 remote or at The xfinity website.

You can vote on Twitter using hashtags (for duets only) and you can “save” people this same way on an elimination night.

Here are all of the rules.

It looks like you can vote ten times on each platform. Online, app and iTunes voting can take place until noon on Tuesday, EST.

What’s next

At 8 tomorrow night (Tuesday, Dec. 12) on NBC, four singers will be eliminated. The remaining singers perform again in part 1 of the season finale on Monday, Dec. 18. The winner is announced in the finale at 9 p.m. Dec. 19.

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