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Three strong performances from NC’s Brooke Simpson on ‘The Voice’ – now it’s time to vote

Brooke Mills Simpson – the pride of Hollister, N.C. – had a full night on “The Voice” Monday, singing three times in the two-hour performance show, the last night of voting before Tuesday’s finale.

Brooke’s first performance was an original song, “What is Beautiful.” Her coach Miley Cyrus said the song was customized and written just for her, by Miley and two other female writers.

“This song is classic, but mainstream,” Miley told Brooke in their recording session.

“It has a current sound, but it’s timeless,” Brooke agreed, adding that a lot of the song “rings true to where I am in life.”

Brooke is a Native American member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe in Halifax County and has become a source of pride for Native Americans across the country.

Miley also praised Brooke’s “star quality.”

“You balance the line between being uniquely special, but also being relatable at the same time,” Miley said.

Brooke’s performance was stirring, and gained intensity as the song progressed – particularly during a part with these lyrics:

“You can’t say, I’m not strong, when I stand on my own.

You can say what you want, what I’m proud of, where I’m going.

I’m a rock, I’m a champ, I’m a lover, I’m a friend.

And I’m beautiful in my skin.”

After the performance, competing coach Adam Levine offered his praise.

“I have loved you from day one – and I have been sad since day one that you’re not on my team.” Adam then said he had wondered how Brooke would develop as an artist over the course of the show.

“This moment culminates for you as far as, this is who you are, the song is prefect for representing who you are and what you want to say and the artist you want to be … you look beautiful, you are beautiful.”

Then, some words from Miley: “Did you hear these lyrics? Finally a girl up there saying, ‘I’m perfect the way I am, don’t change me, I don’t need you to tell me I’m beautiful, I know that.’ This girl IS the voice and she’s a superstar.”

A duet with Miley

All four of the finalists sang a duet with their coach, and Brooke and Miley sang “Wrecking Ball” (a huge hit for Miley in 2013).

Before the song, Brooke talked about how much she has learned working with Miley.

“Miley has helped me grow so much,” Brooke said. “I think I’m a better artist because of you.”

The “Wrecking Ball” performance had coaches Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton on their feet.

The final performance

In an interview with Carson Daly before her final performance, Brooke’s coach Miley acknowledged the bond between the two: “From the beginning I’ve obviously felt a connection to Brooke in a different way than I’ve felt about anyone else,” Miley said.

For her last song, Brooke drew on her massive success with “Amazing Grace” from the Dec. 4 show, and picked the Christmas spiritual, “O Holy Night” – a song that she says has always been special to her.

“It’s a song I’ve loved since I was a little girl and it makes me think of family,” Brooke said. “I know I’ve made my mom and my husband and my tribe proud. I hope people at home watching ... it moves them the way this song has moved me for years.”

Brooke continued, wiping away tears: “’The Voice’ is a humbling experience and I’m just so grateful to even be here.”

After the performance, coach Jennifer Hudson seemed moved. Hudson said “O Holy Night” is one of her favorite holiday songs, calling Brooke’s rendition “a gift” and saying, “you outdid yourself tonight.”

When it was Miley’s turn to talk, she stood and implored America to vote for Brooke. “This is your night. You have never shined brighter. And the best part about tonight is it hasn’t just been about how beautiful you look, it’s been about how beautiful you sound. And this is ‘The Voice’ and tonight has been all about your vocals.”

And now it’s time to vote for your favorite.

Brooke’s toughest competition, in my opinion, is Chloe Kohanski, but don’t sleep on Addison Agen or Red Marlow, as all four singers had really terrific nights.

Here’s how to vote

There are many ways to vote.

You can vote online at NBC.com or on “The Voice” Facebook page.

You can vote through The Voice mobile app.

You can vote at iTunes by purchasing eligible songs by the artists or by streaming the songs through Apple Music.

Comcast cable viewers can also vote through X1 remote or at The xfinity website.

You can vote on Twitter using hashtags (for duets only) and you can “save” people this same way on an elimination night.

Here are all of the rules.

It looks like you can vote ten times on each platform. Online, app and iTunes voting can take place until noon on Tuesday, EST.

Watch the finale

The winner of “The Voice” will be revealed in a two-hour finale starting at 9 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 19, on NBC. A recap show precedes the finale, starting at 8 p.m.