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What to Watch on Tuesday: Props to Dylan McDermott in new Fox sitcom ‘LA to Vegas’

Dylan McDermott in the premiere episode of “LA to Vegas” on Fox.
Dylan McDermott in the premiere episode of “LA to Vegas” on Fox. Fox

LA to Vegas (9 p.m., Fox) – If you’re accustomed to seeing Dylan McDermott in serious shows like “American Horror Story” and “The Practice,” his role as the hilariously cocky Captain Dave in this new Fox sitcom may take a moment or two of adjustment. But comedy suits McDermott and it’s really some of his most entertaining work. The show focuses on a crew and a regular group of passengers who fly round trip flights on a small budget airline from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Kim Matula plays flight attendant Ronnie, who really seems to be the central figure in the show, but Nathan Lee Graham as her cohort Bernard steals nearly every scene in a toned-down Titus Andromedon-esque way. Ed Weeks (you know him as the British doctor on “The Mindy Project”) is solid as one of the regular passengers, and there’s a fantastic cameo in the third episode (Jan. 16) that I’m not sure if I should spoil or not. Just watch.

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