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‘The Bachelor’: Jenna might be (lovably) kooky, but she knows when to call crazy ‘crazy’

Jenna Cooper hugs Arie Luyendyk Jr. during a bowling match on the Jan. 29 episode of “The Bachelor” on ABC.
Jenna Cooper hugs Arie Luyendyk Jr. during a bowling match on the Jan. 29 episode of “The Bachelor” on ABC. ABC

The word of the week is “crazy.”

Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor” was crazy. The level of delicious drama was crazy. And without a doubt, Krazy Krystal is crazy.

And Raleigh’s Jenna Cooper, who gets teased a bit on Twitter for dancing to the beat of her own drunken drummer, totally called it.

We’ll get there in a sec, but before I dive into One Flew Over the Bowling Match, let’s relieve the suspense: Jenna got a rose, so she’ll be back next week.

OK, now let’s climb aboard the crazy train.

They were just trying to bowl

Ten of the women were invited on a bowling date with Arie and were divided into two teams. The rules, your honor, as stated by Arie: The winning team got to go to an after party with Arie and the losing team had to go back to the hotel.

This bowling involved pitchers and pitchers and pitchers of beer, and Jenna was at the top of her game in every respect.

Jenna performed a nearly incomprehensible – but very enthusiastic – cheer. And you know what, she’s a great bowler. Her team even ended up winning, and it was the team that also included . . . Krazy Krystal.

Jenna Cooper bowls with Arie Luyendyk Jr. on the Jan. 29 episode of “The Bachelor” on ABC. Paul Hebert ABC

Krystal was on top of the world while bowling (while winning), just super happy and high on life (and beer), strutting around with the trophy and hugging her teammates. Then Arie had the nerve – the nerve – to let the losing team come to the after party, too.

I’m pretty sure the sound Krystal heard in her head was the sound of a record scratching. Her mood turned 180 so fast that it felt like a physician should have been called.

But get this. The best part of the night – the shuttle ride from the bowling alley to the hotel – we didn’t even get to see, and it raises the question of why the heck aren’t “Bachelor” cameras on those shuttle buses?

From what the other women said, Krystal had a full melt down on the bus and said terrible things about Arie and called him a liar for letting the losing team attend the party. She then boycotted the party. GREAT.

Krystal’s ‘true crazy’

Of course, the talk at the after party was all about what a nut job Krystal was being.

Jenna, talking to the other women, didn’t hold back:

“It was very intense,” Jenna said. “It was like she had a kind of crazy in her eye. Situations like this really show you somebody’s true colors. Their true crazy.”

Yes, we saw Krystal’s “true crazy.” And when Arie got to the party, Jenna gave him the 411: “She called you a liar.”


Monday night on Twitter, Jenna (@jennacooperfit) elaborated on her feelings about Krystal. In short, she’s not nice.

But of course, at the bowling after party, Arie (eye roll) had to humor Krystal by seeking her out and giving her a chance to talk about what was wrong. Jenna’s sarcastic “thumbs up” is how we all felt.

He started out acting sympathetic, but turned on her and had her worried. Which then had Krazy K both defensive and on the offensive at the same time.

Cue all the women talking about Krystal as though it were a foregone conclusion that she would be going home.


Arie gave her a rose, ticking off everyone there. But then we’ll get at least one more week of Krystal drama.

Who went home

Ashley and Marikh did not get a rose at the rose ceremony.

But in a bonus move, we got Maquel back – the person who left last week because of her grandfather’s death.

Cutest moment of the night

Jenna saying she was nervous about getting a rose: “I’m always nervous. Nervous is one of my top feelings,” she said, punctuated with the cutest salute we’ve ever seen.

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