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What to Watch on Thursday: Getting closure for Derek on ‘Grey’s’

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) in last week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”
Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) in last week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” ABC


Grey’s Anatomy (8 p.m., ABC) – If you didn’t break up with Shonda Rhimes last week, you might want to check in on tonight’s special two-hour episode and maybe get a little closure. Like all of us, the doctors at the hospital struggle to deal with Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) death. It looks like we at least get a funeral, but no word on whether or not characters from previous seasons will attend (surely, Addison, right? and Cristina? Burke??).

Mom (9 p.m., CBS) – In the second season finale, Roscoe announces his intentions to live with his father and Christy blames Bonnie. There have been some genuinely dark moments and strong performances here this season, but Anna Farris especially has been on fire for the past few episodes.

Backstrom (9 p.m., Fox) – In the season (possibly series) finale, Amy’s new boyfriend wants to help on the investigation of a Native American found dead under a bridge.

American Crime (10 p.m., ABC) – Aliyah and her lawyer hope the turn in public opinion will get Carter’s preliminary examination date moved up.

Louie (10:30 p.m., FX) – Louie’s brother, Bobby (Robert Kelly) invites him over to his new apartment. Louie also has a chance encounter at a bus stop, which has unintended consequences.