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What happened with Raleigh’s Jenna Cooper on Monday’s ‘The Bachelor’ in Paris

Jenna Cooper on the Jan. 15 episode of “The Bachelor” on ABC.
Jenna Cooper on the Jan. 15 episode of “The Bachelor” on ABC. ABC

The “Bachelor” universe is now a little less bright, a little less entertaining, a little less fun.

That’s because Jenna Cooper, our Raleigh home girl, did not get a rose on Monday’s episode.

But before Jenna missed out on that thorny prize, she got to be part of a group date which she described as “the best thing that ever happened to me” – dressing up and dancing at the Moulin Rouge.

That’s right. Monday’s episode took place in Paris, the most romantic city on Earth. And the Moulin Rouge is probably one of the most risque spots on earth, with skimpy, sparkly, revealing costumes. Which Jenna loved.

“I could live the rest of my live this way. I think I was just born to wear this,” Jenna said. (I apologize for not having photos ... ABC let me down.)

Nearly all of the women on the date were thrilled with the Moulin Rouge date, but perhaps no one was more excited than Jenna.


“I never thought I’d be at the Moulin Rouge. I never thought I’d be in Paris. I never thought I’d be with the most gorgeous man alive,” she said. “I don’t care how stupid I look, I love this so much. I’m freaking out.”

Jenna’s exit

There were tears. Jenna hugged all the women and with tears in her eyes, gave Arie a long hug.

Then she told the camera:

“Feeling rejected, it sucks. It’s sad, and there’s a little bit of anger and there’s hurt. Your heart gets completely ripped out. That’s how it feels. It’s like a warning of what could have been. I think Arie’s great, he’s like amazing.”

It was sad. This show won’t be the same.

Raleigh's Jenna Cooper talks about life on ABC's "The Bachelor" in February 2018.

At least Krystal is gone too

Krystal went on a two-on-one date with Arie and Kendall. The scary thing about the two-on-one date is that two women go on the date, but only one returns.

Krystal was very cocky about her chances of making it through the date (“99.9 percent sure,” she said). Krystal needed to mend some fences after last week’s disastrous episode, but just when things were going well, she decided to use her alone time with Arie to trash-talk Kendall.

When Kendall found out she actually tried to be kind to Krystal (she is a better person than I), but Krystal just smirked at her. It was terrible. Krystal is just an ugly, ugly person, you guys. She is toxic and awful. There is truly something wrong with her, something way beyond “Bachelor” editing.

She went home. Thankfully, mercifully, Krystal was dis-missed. Sent packing!

Back at the hotel, someone came in for Krystal’s suitcase and the remaining women literally popped champagne.

Who else went home

Chelsea, the single mom, also went home Monday night.

Note: This is also likely the final recap of the season for us, since we were really just here for Jenna. But we’ll be back for the reunion show in a few weeks.

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