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What to Watch on Friday: You guys, Netflix has a remake of 'Benji'

The Netflix movie "Benji" is a remake of the 1974 film by Joe Camp.
The Netflix movie "Benji" is a remake of the 1974 film by Joe Camp. NETFLIX

Benji (Netflix) — Maybe you had to be a kid of the '70s for this to sound like a big deal, but oh my gosh, a new "Benji" movie (directed by Brandon Camp, the son of the original filmmaker Joe Camp). The story: Benji is an orphaned puppy who strikes up a friendship with two New Orleans school kids. When the kids are kidnapped by robbers, Benji comes to the rescue.

NCAA Tournament — The big game today is UNC vs. Lipscomb at 2:45 on CBS. But then at 9:20 on TNT, Virginia plays UMBC. For the full schedule, including how to find all those channels and details on streaming options, check out our March Madness viewing guide.

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