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What to Watch on Monday: Local singers compete in 'The Voice' new live playoff round

Chapel Hill native Rayshun LaMarr, left, and Sanford native Britton Buchanan are contestants on NBC's "The Voice."
Chapel Hill native Rayshun LaMarr, left, and Sanford native Britton Buchanan are contestants on NBC's "The Voice." Chris Haston / NBC

The Voice (8 p.m., NBC) — The Live Playoff Rounds start tonight with the Top 24 artists — including Sanford native Britton Buchanan and Chapel Hill native Rayshun LaMarr — performing. Things are a little different this year. Tonight, all artists will perform — six artists from each team — and four artists with the most votes from each team will advance to the Top 12 thanks to real-time voting on the mobile app and Twitter. So voting will have to happen fast — no overnight voting this time. Then tomorrow night and Wednesday night, the remaining 20 artists perform live. More real-time mobile app voting from you. Then on Wednesday night, four more artists with the top votes will advance and judges each get to pick one from their team to advance. That'll give us our Top 12. Here's our guide to all the ways to vote on "The Voice," including details on the special real-time voting this week.

I Am Evidence (8 p.m., HBO) — A documentary produced by Mariska Hargitay (“Law & Order: SVU”) exploring the way sexual assault cases have been historically processed (or more correctly, not processed) in the United States. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of rape kits are left untested in police storage facilities each year.

It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards (9 p.m., Paramount) — In this new series, Wayne Wolfe Jr. discovers his grandfather was Edward Wayne Edwards and teams up with a retired detective to examine Edwards’ possible connection to other crimes, including the Zodiac murders and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

Natalie Wood: An American Murder Mystery (10 p.m., Investigation Discovery) — A special reexamining the suspicious circumstances surrounding the drowning of actress Natalie Wood in 1981, including interviews with Wood’s sister. The LA County Sheriff’s Department recently named her husband Robert Wagner a person of interest in the case.

Scorpion (10 p.m., CBS) — In the Season 4 finale, the team heads to Northeast Africa, where they must carefully navigate a minefield to save local villagers.

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