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How our local singers did on the first night of 'The Voice' live playoff rounds

Sanford native Britton Buchanan, left, and Chapel Hill native Rayshun LaMarr from "The Voice" on NBC.
Sanford native Britton Buchanan, left, and Chapel Hill native Rayshun LaMarr from "The Voice" on NBC. Chris Haston / NBC

"The Voice" is shaking things up this week making their live playoff rounds each night a real-time voting event.

On Monday night's show, six singers from each of the four teams performed while fans voted at home on their "Voice" mobile apps. The highest vote-getter from each of the teams moved on to the Top 12. But failure to move on Monday night didn't mean it's the end of the road for singers not picked, because there are two more nights of performances from the 20 left on Monday's stage.

Our local singers — Sanford native Britton Buchanan and Chapel Hill native Rayshun LaMarr — performed Monday, with Rayshun's team (Team Adam Levine) going second and Britton's team (Team Alicia Keys) at the end of the two-hour program.

Here's what happened with our guys.

Rayshun is 'Overjoyed'

Rayshun sang Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed" (when we interviewed Rayshun last month, he said Stevie Wonder is the artist he hoped he got to sing on the show). Rayshun, usually flawless in his performances, was a little pitchy on Monday. He tinkered with his earpiece throughout the first part of the song, so we're chalking it up to technical difficulties.

When the results were announced for Team Adam, Sharane Calister — not Rayshun — advanced to the Top 12. But remember, that does not mean Rayshun is out, it just means he'll sing again Tuesday or Wednesday night — and you'll have to vote to keep him around. Vote! (Update: Find out how Rayshun did on Wednesday and if he made the Top 12.)

Britton is 'Some Kind of Wonderful'

Britton played the guitar and sang Grand Funk Railroad's "Some Kind of Wonderful." Not too far into the song he put the guitar down and really worked the stage. It was great This kid is a natural!

But Team Alicia is tough — in my opinion, the strongest team in the competition — so Britton isn't ever a shoe-in (vote, people!).

When voting results were announced at the end of the show, the member of Alicia's team moving forward was ... Britton! Wow. That's quite a feat, considering how strong this team is.

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What's next

The live playoff rounds continue at 8 p.m. Tuesday night and Wednesday night on NBC, with fans voting for their favorites of the remaining 20 singers. We have all the info on how to vote right here. On Wednesday night, the show reveals the top four vote-getters from each team to advance, then coaches each get to pick one player from their team to advance. Add that to tonight's top singers and that will give us our Top 12.

Next week is Theme Week and we get back to regular voting.

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