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'The Voice' names its Final 4. Did either of our local singers make the cut?

Sanford native Britton Buchanan and Chapel Hill native Rayshun LaMarr perform on May 14, 2018, on "The Voice."
Sanford native Britton Buchanan and Chapel Hill native Rayshun LaMarr perform on May 14, 2018, on "The Voice." NBC

Got any fingernails left? I don't.

Tuesday night's episode of "The Voice" revealed the fan vote results that determined which four singers went home and which four advanced to next week's finale — and it was a very tense night for our local contestants, Sanford native Britton Buchanan and Chapel Hill native Rayshun LaMarr.

Neither Britton or Rayshun was in the top 3 singers named "safe" at the start of the show, meaning they had only a 1-in-5 chance of moving forward.

Here's how Tuesday's action went down.

Declared safe by voters

First, host Carson Daly chatted with some of the singers and coaches about the season. Coach Adam Levine talked about Rayshun being a cancer survivor.

"He's living on time he wasn’t sure he would have," Adam said. "He beat what he beat. This is all just kinda icing on the beautiful cake that his life was ... I love that guy."

Rayshun echoed those thoughts when asked what being at this point in the competition means to him.

"It’s everything to me," Rayshun said. "I went from being almost dead to living this moment and having this experience. It's the world to me. I’m so happy right now."

Then Carson named the singers declared safe by voters.

The first singer declared safe was Spensha Baker from Team Blake Shelton. The second singer declared safe was 15-year-old Brynn Cartelli from Team Kelly. The third singer safe was Kyla Jade from Team Blake Shelton.

Two singers sent home

The two singers with the fewest votes were Rayshun and Jackie Foster. That meant they were out.

So sad for Rayshun, who seems like the happiest, most joyful person on Earth.

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Three singers compete for one save

The singers competing for the last spot in the finale were Britton, Kaleb Lee and Pryor Baird.

Britton sang Calum Scott's "Dancing On My Own," and I'm not just saying this: It was flawless.

Britton Buchanan performs on "The Voice" on May 14, 2018. Tyler Golden NBC

After his performance, Alicia Keys told him: "You just gave me full-body chills. You are the real deal. There's no act, there's no faking."

Alicia then turned it over to Adam, who originally wanted Britton for his team but got blocked by Blake in the first episode. Adam has no singers left in the competition.

"I just want to say the universe finally gave me a chance to help you. I want everyone to #VoiceSaveBritton right now."

Then it was up to Twitter to vote to save one person.

And that one person moving forward was ... Britton!

I've never been so nervous watching a TV show. Onward!

What's next?

The next episode of "The Voice" airs at 8 p.m. Monday, May 21, on NBC. On that show, each of the final four artists performs a solo cover, a duet with the coach and his or her first original song. Then fans vote and the winner is revealed in a two-hour finale that airs at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22. (A one-hour recap show will precede the finale at 8 p.m.)

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