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Fall TV: Nothing new to see in CBS’ ‘Code Black’

Marcia Gay Harden (center) stars in CBS’ “Code Black.”
Marcia Gay Harden (center) stars in CBS’ “Code Black.” CBS

New show: Code Black

When: 10 p.m. Wednesdays on CBS

Cast: Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzmán, Raza Jaffrey

Premise: Inspired by an award-winning 2013 documentary about one of America’s busiest emergency rooms (Los Angeles County Hospital), this new drama just doesn’t have enough going for it to make me recommend it. It’s fast-paced with lots of blood and lots of lives saved and lost, but there’s really nothing here we haven’t seen a hundred times before – and better.

A diverse group of beautiful young residents are there to train under the tough, no-nonsense, doesn’t-play-by-the-rules Dr. Rorish (Harden), while the more practical, by-the-books Dr. Hudson (Jaffrey) tries to keep her in line. The patient stories in the pilot didn’t move me, and the residents aren’t very memorable, either.

There’s a reference to Rorish channeling her “rage” into her work “after the accident,” but that teaser isn’t enough to bring me back for episode 2.