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What to Watch on Thursday: ‘Blacklist’ returns, another shot at ‘Phil’

James Spader as Red Reddington in the Season 3 premiere of “The Blacklist.”
James Spader as Red Reddington in the Season 3 premiere of “The Blacklist.” David Giesbrecht/NBC

The Blacklist (9 p.m., NBC) – In the Season 3 premiere, the FBI hunts for Liz for the murder of the attorney general, so she and Red are on the run.

Also on tonight . . .

Bones (8 p.m., Fox) – Season 11 opens six months after Brennan has started a new life with her family, but she becomes interested in a case with personal ties.

Sleepy Hollow (9 p.m., Fox) – Abbie and Crane seem to have moved on with their lives in the Season 3 premiere, until a mysterious tablet reveals a new dark prophecy.

A Chef’s Life (9:30 p.m., UNC-TV) – Oh yes, we’re into this: Okra. The African roots of okra, picking okra and we assume, eating a mess of it.

How To Get Away With Murder (10 p.m., ABC) – Investigators pin a new charge on the wealthy siblings represented by Annalise. Also, Annalise is cross-examined during Nate’s preliminary hearing.

Married (10 p.m., FX) – The season ends with two new episodes. In the finale, Russ and his assistant start to get too close.

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having (2 a.m., UNC-TV) – I missed putting this in Monday’s column, so thank goodness UNC-TV is showing it again. It’s a brand new food-travel series – and I personally think it’s the best one of its kind. Phil Rosenthal, the creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” travels the world to sample and learn about the cuisines of various countries or cities. Rosenthal’s personality is a big part of the appeal here, as anyone who has seen the excellent documentary “Exporting Raymond” will know. He’s warm, intelligent and funny, and he’s open to trying just about anything (though not so crazy about eating bugs). I consider Rosenthal the Anti-Bourdain, because there’s no arrogance or snootiness in his reporting. Still, the food is definitely the star of the show. This debut episode features Rosenthal touring Tokyo with various foodies, marveling at the artistry of the food and its presentation. He’s appropriately skeptical at times, but absolutely genuine in his love and appreciation for the food and customs he’s experiencing. If the “egg cream scene” at the end doesn’t win you over, just throw your TV in the yard. (Note: New episodes air on Monday nights at 10 on UNC-TV. Next week’s episode takes place in Italy.)