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What to Watch on Sunday: Second ‘Librarians’ season starts on TNT

(L-R): Christian Kane, Rebecca Romijn and John Kim in “The Librarians.”
(L-R): Christian Kane, Rebecca Romijn and John Kim in “The Librarians.” TURNER

The Librarians (8 p.m., TNT) – Season 2 starts with Jenkins (John Larroquette) discovering there’s something wrong with the library. In the second hour, the librarians find themselves pitted against Frankenstein’s monster and Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis, Moriarty.

The Walking Dead (9 p.m., AMC) – A new face appears and trust issues form (those would be different trust issues than the ones fans have with the show’s writers after last week’s brutal killing of ... a very major character).

The Good Wife (9 p.m., CBS) – Jason uses aggressive investigative tactics while working on a student loan case with Alicia and Lucca, and Eli creates drama among the Florricks.

The Leftovers (9 p.m., HBO) – Rev. Matt Jamison takes his wife outside Miracle to seek answers about her condition.

The Affair (10 p.m., Showtime) – Alison is thrown by an unpleasant shift in behavior from her Hudson Valley hosts.

Quantico (10 p.m., ABC) – The NATs practice surveillance with Miranda and her troubled son.