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What to Watch on Sunday: Bring Carol home on ‘The Walking Dead’

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

The Walking Dead (9 p.m., AMC) – When Carol goes missing, the community of Alexandria goes on alert and search parties venture out. (Find her, Darryl! She’s the best part of the show! Also, note to Carol: please snap out of it.)

Also on . . .

N.C. Bookwatch (Noon, UNC-TV) – D.G. Martin talks to Raleigh writer Bridgett Lacy, author of “Sunday Dinner.”

NCAA Basketball (TBS) – Elite Eight games at 6 and 8:30 p.m.

The Carmichael Show (9 p.m., NBC) – As rent hikes threaten to force Nekeisha out of her neighborhood, Jerrod and Bobby are on opposite sides of the issue of gentrification.

The Family (9 p.m., ABC) – Hank blames a member of the Warren family after he’s badly beaten, and Bridey gets the paternity test result she ran on Adam.

Girls (10 p.m., HBO) – Marnie needs space after a fight with Desi, and while on a walk, sees someone from her past.

Elementary (10 p.m., CBS) – Holmes and Watson must determine whether a survival doctor is a victim of foul play or has purposely gone into hiding.