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Good Samaritans come to couple’s rescue at HoneyBaked Ham in Charlotte

Editor’s note: Over the next few weeks on Tuesdays, Carolina Living will run reader stories about their chance encounter with a Good Samaritan.

My elderly husband and I, both physically disabled, experienced something special when we went to the HoneyBaked Ham store on Pineville-Matthews Road.

I walk with a walker, and he uses a cane. We started walking toward the store, and after some 15 feet, rain pelted down on us and soaked us to the skin. At this point, several women sitting in front of the store rushed out to meet us with umbrellas and helped us get under the roof.

A store employee brought out his jacket for me to warm up. Another employee took our order. When our order was ready, we all made a convoy to our car, which one lady brought up to the curb. By then, I couldn’t step into the car, so the employee picked me up and put me in the seat.

We arrived home safe and sound (and soaked) and totally grateful for the love and kindness shown to us that day. I will never forget these kind and generous people. Gara Brown, Matthews

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