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Sharlene Greenae Pilkey

Lifelong Democrat, diehard Duke fan, in absentia parent of many a forlorn Duke student or high school friend of her kids, hostess of innumerable memorable dinner parties, teller of tall tales, keeper of the Akavit, avid quilter and gardener, stern grandmother, wife and mother, Sharlene Greenae Pilkey has passed away. Her body failed but her mind never did. Proud of her Alaskan heritage, she was born and raised in a small fishing village, Petersburg, Alaska where she lived the adventurous childhood one would expect in the remote and beautiful north country. Her high school student body traveled by fishing boat to other villages for athletic contests, and she often helped her storekeeper father deliver groceries in a small skiff to outlying cabins. She has recounted her life growing up in Alaska in a family cookbook. She "came down" to go to Washington State University where she met future husband Orrin on a blind date. They celebrated their 60th anniversary on this New Years Eve. Sharlene and her family arrived in Hillsborough in 1965, and she immediately became involved in the community’s integration struggles. Later, in succession, she became a member of the Orange County ABC board, the Orange County Planning Board, and the Orange County Board of Adjustment. She leaves behind her husband and five children, Charles, Linda, Diane, Keith and Kerry, who all successfully escaped the nest, six grandchildren and one great granddaughter. A memorial service is planned and will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Orange County Democratic Party or the Southern Environmental Law Center.