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Mornings to Cherish

Last January, a month following the Sandy Hook tragedy, I wrote a blog post on my website about the aspect of the families' stories that impacted me those most. As we mark the one year anniversary this week, on December 14th, I wanted to revisit the blog to see how I had done on my commitment to create mornings to cherish as the families whose lives were altered that day inspired me to do.

One of the things that has really struck me when reading about the families impacted by the Sandy Hook tragedy is the final memories many of the parents have shared about their last interactions with their children that morning as they went off to school.

The story of the little girl who was able to wear the new dress that her Mom had bought her for the holidays, the Mom who let her first grader sleep in their bed with them despite others advising her against it, the Dad who always carried his son to school on his shoulders, the Mother and daughter who always played a game involving a few hugs before the bus arrived, the Mom who took the photo of her son’s “I love you” message etched into the frost on the car.

All simple activities that have now become their cherished final moments with their children.

What struck me is how fortunate they were that they were cherished moments, how in tune they were with their children and their unique needs, and also how many times we have less than memorable moments to cherish in the rush to get out of the house on time in the morning.

My commitment in 2013 was to make mornings more of a time to cherish with my family as those families' inspired me to do. As I look back on the year I have definitely been more aware of treating what seem to be the mundane, everyday routines as something to cherish. This year anniversary is definitely the perfect time to renew my commitment and also to remember to cherish others parts of the day in the same way.