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Moms wish for flowers and puppies

When I recently braved my children’s messy closets to pull out their summer clothes, I found dresses that were too short and T-shirts that had seen better days.

I let out a loud groan as I realized a shopping trip was in our future. While many things have gotten easier about parenting as my kids have grown, shopping for clothes is something that seems to get more challenging with each passing year.

When my kids were tiny, I could dress them up in whatever clothes I wanted them to wear. Laurel spent many years wearing flowered dresses while Trevor wore a lot of outfits with cute puppy dogs on the front.

But now they have a say in the matter, and anything I buy without their input seems to never leave their closet. My son’s current goal in life is to wear only gym shorts and tees. And Laurel’s fashion sense is now definitely trendier than mine.

I have learned the hard way that the quickest way to get them to turn their nose up is for me to fall in love with an outfit. So I try my best to control my excitement when my daughter tries on a flowered dress or my son selects a shirt that doesn’t have his favorite character on the front.

And if I am really lucky, maybe we can avoid tears (both mine and theirs) and leave the store with shopping bags full of clothes we both like. If shopping is this hard now, then I am really dreading the teen years.

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