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Clothes don’t make the man

When my kids were born, I couldn’t wait till they started school. I wanted to help them pick out cute clothes for the first day of school each year and take an annual photo on the front porch as my mom always did.

But this year, my son foiled my plans and reminded me yet again how different boys and girls can be.

When I asked my daughter whether she wanted to go back-to-school shopping, she was thrilled. We headed to her favorite store and she quickly picked out several new outfits, a pair of shoes and even some cute earrings.

When I extended the same offer to my son, my 9-year-old “man-in-training” made a face at me.

“Why would I want new clothes? My T-shirts are already broken in and they even already smell like me,” Trevor said.

He then explained that he shouldn’t have to wear a collared shirt on the first day because I made him wear one for school pictures. “One time a year is more than enough,” he said adamantly.

So on the first day of year-round school last week, I found myself clicking photos of my son standing on our front steps wearing his favorite faded football jersey and a pair of mismatched gym shorts. But you know, I am positive in 20 years when I look back at the pictures, I will smile. I am pretty sure I will even be glad I let him pick out his own clothes.

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