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Olympics brings families together

For the past two weeks, my family has been camped out in front of the television every night watching the Olympics.

At first the kids were just excited to stay up late each night but now they are as caught up in the excitement of the Olympics and cheering as loudly as I am.

I love everything about the Olympics, from the video clips of the challenges the athletes have overcome to the tear-jerking commercials. I cry every time I watch a medal ceremony, no matter who is at the top of the podium, because I know that the athletes have given up so much of their lives for this one moment.

Each time I sit down to watch the Olympics, I think about all the places from which I have watched the games in my life and even more importantly, the people I have cheered and cried with. One of my favorite Olympic memories was watching Mary Lou Retton’s amazing vault with my mom. And I will always remember yelling with my granddad as Carl Lewis won a gold medal.

And as much as my family is looking forward to watching the closing ceremony, we are all sad that the games are coming to a close.

I just hope that for the rest of their lives, each time my kids hear the opening notes of the Olympic theme song they will think of the many nights we spent as a family cheering together in front of the television.

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