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All points bulletin out for Panthers offense

Having made it through the opening weekend of the NFL regular season, let’s take a knee to evaluate what we’ve learned.

The NFL is still the most popular kid in school.

NFL games were the most watched shows of the week in all 30 NFL markets. Evidently, they don’t watch much television in Cleveland.

The Green Bay Packers are in last place in the NFC North. Robert Griffin III is a star. Peyton Manning likes tapenade.

Official Ed Hochuli was missed. So was the Panthers’ offense.

But that’s so last week.

Before Notre Dame changes its mind, let’s look at Week 2:

NEW ORLEANS at CAROLINA: Not everyone is saying this is a must win for the Panthers but almost everybody’s thinking it Panthers 29, Saints 24.

TAMPA BAY at NEW YORK GIANTS: What’s more difficult to imagine, the Bucs at 2-0 or the Giants at 0-2? Here’s your answer: Giants 28, Bucs 14.

OAKLAND at MIAMI: Unless this is 1974, I’m not interested. And if this is 1974, I need to wear better clothes this time around. Raiders 27, Dolphins 21.

HOUSTON at JACKSONVILLE: The who cares game of the week. Texans 41, Jags 13.

CLEVELAND at CINCINNATI: In his first regular-season game as an NFL quarterback, Browns rookie Brandon Weedon had a passer rating of 5.1. In a coincidental move, Apple this week unveiled the new iPhone 5.

Owners who buy this new must-have phone will be able to watch Weedon’s highlights on their devices – as soon as he has some. Bengals 27, Browns 17.

KANSAS CITY at BUFFALO: I got a phone call this week from a reader who asks that I provide more detailed analysis of each game rather than make occasionally snarky comments. He apparently confused me with Ron Jaworski. I also assume the caller wasn’t referring to games like this one. Bills 17, Chiefs 16.

BALTIMORE at PHILADELPHIA: Things you never thought you’d say: Right now, the Ravens may be the second-best professional team in Baltimore behind the Orioles. Ravens 23, Eagles 14.

ARIZONA at NEW ENGLAND: After quarterback Tom Brady took a shot to the nose that drew blood Sunday at Tennessee, teammate Wes Welker wasn’t concerned. “He’s probably the toughest metrosexual I’ve come across,” Welker said. Patriots 35, Cardinals 16.

MINNESOTA at INDIANAPOLIS: Andrew Luck has his RG III moment. Colts 34, Vikings 17.

WASHINGTON at ST. LOUIS: Robert Griffin III set an NFL record Sunday by needing just one regular-season game to be universally known by his nickname – RG III. New Rams coach Jeff Fisher needs just two games to bring RG III back to reality. Rams 31, Redskins 20.

DALLAS at SEATTLE: The NFL is more fun when the Cowboys are winning even if their fans can be more annoying than the strange dude on the NFL Network commercials. Grin and/or bear it. Cowboys 31, Seahawks 21.

NEW YORK JETS at PITTSBURGH: Say what you will about him but the Jets are undefeated in the regular season since Tim Tebow arrived. Jets 24, Steelers 16.

TENNESSEE at SAN DIEGO: The NFL is continuing to use replacement refs this weekend. However, these are the real Tennessee Titans. Chargers 32, Titans 24.

DETROIT at SAN FRANCISCO: The 49ers made their point in Lambeau Field on Sunday. 49ers 28, Lions 17.

DENVER at ATLANTA: The Peyton Manning played on Sunday night this week. He will play on Monday night next week. At this rate, he’ll log more prime time TV than Anderson Cooper. Falcons 27, Broncos 20.

Last week: 8-7