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If the world does end, season would be moot

There are some people – the ones who spend their time on the really high-number channels on cable – who believe that the end of the world will happen one week from today.

It’s based on the Mayan calendar, which almost no one uses any more because it doesn’t have photos of girls in bikinis or cute dogs to go with each month. Try finding a Mayan calendar at Barnes and Noble.

The earth, according to NASA’s website, was supposed to end in May, 2003, but when it didn’t happen, they pushed doomsday until next Friday. Evidently someone wanted to see the Eagles-Bengals Thursday night before the big ka-boom.

If the doomsday believers are right – and you wouldn’t want to take their advice to Vegas – we won’t get to find out how this NFL season ends. This isn’t like “Argo” where you have a pretty good idea of how the movie ends before you walk in there (but it’s still a terrific movie).

Does Peyton Manning win John Fox a Super Bowl?

Do the Manning brothers meet in the Super Bowl?

Do the Falcons finally win a playoff game?

So many questions and, perhaps, so little time. And I feel so good about this week’s picks.

CAROLINA at SAN DIEGO: I keep going back and forth on this oneHey, if this were easy, everyone would do it. Chargers 28, Panthers 21.

GREEN BAY at CHICAGO: Two teams trending in opposite directions – the Packers are trending upward and the Bears, well, they’re not. Packers 27, Bears 18.

DENVER at BALTIMORE: The Peyton Manning express – not to be confused with the Polar Express this time of year – takes a detour. But only a temporary one. Ravens 26, Broncos 17.

JACKSONVILLE at MIAMI: As appealing as asparagus from a can. Dolphins 27, Jaguars 6.

WASHINGTON at CLEVELAND: In case you haven’t noticed – and there’s no good reason you should have – the Browns have won three in a row. That’s enough. Redskins 27, Browns 23.

MINNESOTA at ST. LOUIS: The Rams know the key to beating the Vikings is to contain Adrian Peterson. The question is how? Vikings 26, Rams 21.

TAMPA BAY at NEW ORLEANS: How weird is this? It’s still possible for the Panthers, Bucs and Saints to all finish tied for second in the NFC South this year. Not sure what that says about the division but it may not be a compliment. Saints 34, Bucs 17.

NEW YORK GIANTS at ATLANTA: Is this the battle for NFC supremacy? Maybe. Here’s my unscientific ranking of NFC teams:

1. Giants

2. Packers

3. 49ers

4. Falcons

Did I say it’s unscientific? Giants 24, Falcons 21.

INDIANAPOLIS at HOUSTON: Since we’re on the subject of conference supremacy, here’s another unscientific ranking of the AFC teams:

1. Patriots

2. Texans

3. Broncos

4. Everyone else

Why aren’t the Colts ranked higher? Win this week and they will be. Texans 34, Colts 13.

SEATTLE at BUFFALO: Are you on the Russell Wilson bandwagon? It’s getting crowded. Seahawks 21, Bills 14.

DETROIT at ARIZONA: Congratulations to the Cardinals for doing a spot-on imitation of Manny Pacquiao’s face-plant last week in Seattle. It’s tough when you’re down 51-0 and it’s still the third quarter. Lions 31, Cardinals 21.

KANSAS CITY at OAKLAND: You know you’re old when you can remember how big a game this used to be. Raiders 32, Chiefs 17.

PITTSBURGH at DALLAS: Tony Romo and Jason Witten keep the Cowboys’ playoff dream alive for another week. Cowboys 30, Steelers 24.

SAN FRANCISCO at NEW ENGLAND: You don’t have to love the Patriots to appreciate Tom Brady, one of the best to ever play. He makes a terribly difficult job look simple. Again and again. Patriots 24, 49ers 17.

NEW YORK JETS at TENNESSEE: One of the best arguments ever for flex scheduling on Monday nights. Titans 12, Jets 10.

Last week: 8-6

Season: 120-69