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Less phone, more kids in the new year

I sat at the kitchen table last week and wrote my typical list of New Year’s Resolutions. You know, eat healthier, exercise more and finally take control of my closet clutter.

My list looked pretty much identical to the ones I’ve written for the past decade.

But I realized that in the 10 minutes it took for me to write down my measureable goals, I had checked my smart phone several times.

As a freelancer, I use my phone to keep in contact with clients throughout the day, no matter if I am volunteering on a school field trip or working in my home office. And each afternoon when I hang out with my kids after school, I constantly check to make sure no urgent issues have arisen.

But as I looked at my list, I wondered what would happen if I turned off my phone for a few hours every afternoon and really focused on enjoying Laurel and Trevor instead of sneaking peeks at my screen.

The tragedy in Connecticut last month really brought home to me how quickly life can change. I would never want my last words to my kids to be “Hold on, I need to check my phone.”

So I scratched off my usual resolutions – which I never meet anyway – and resolved to have a telephone-free period each day to spend time with my kids.

Wish me luck, because habits are hard to break, so I think I’m going to need it.

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