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Groundhog Day is not so bad

I recently ran into a good friend at the park and I asked her how her day was going. She started to give me the expected “great,” but then decided to be honest.

“Sometimes being a mom is like living in Groundhog Day,” she said. “It often seems all I do fold laundry only to have a pile in the hamper as soon as it is done, fix dinner, clean the house and help with homework. Then I get to do almost the same day again tomorrow. My kids even start crying at the same time.”

I knew she wasn’t referencing the holiday involving a furry rodent, but instead the movie with Bill Murray where he is stuck in the same day.

Later that night, I thought of her comment as I went through the evening routine I’ve been doing almost every night for the past 11 years – making sure everyone eats a reasonably healthy dinner, takes a shower that actually involves soap and gets to bed on time.

But just when I was wallowing in the somewhat repetitive nature of being a mom, I noticed how cute Laurel looked in her new pink pajamas and found myself laughing at Trevor’s silly bathroom humor joke.

I realized that even though it often felt like Groundhog Day, I had to remember to relish the special moments hidden in our daily routine. Because I know I will be sad when I find myself waking up and it’s not Groundhog Day anymore.

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