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In-State Advertising

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In-State Advertising Rates

In-State rates apply to dealer-list (multi-sig) advertising and advertising containing two or more company logos appearing in The News & Observer, The Cary News, The Chapel Hill News, The Clayton News-Star, The Durham News, Eastern Wake News, Garner-Cleveland Record, The Herald, Midtown Raleigh News, North Raleigh News and Southwest Wake News, and the network online.

Advertising originating in North Carolina from distributors, wholesalers, jobbers, co-op, bottlers, brokers, local manufacturers, manufacturer's agents, public utilities, associations, or other non-retail advertisers are billed at In-State rates.

Internet service providers and telecommunications service providers of the telephone, paging and wireless industry qualify for In-State rates. Local retailers selling only the product are charged Local rates.

Advertising placed by organizers of transient events, such as seminars or special sales held at locations not owned by the organizers, such as hotels/motels or convention centers, qualify for In-State rates.

Insurance companies with home office in North Carolina are charged the In-State rate. Out-of-state insurance companies are charged the National rate. Local insurance agencies are charged Local rates.

In-State Political Rates

The N&O's reach in Eastern North Carolina makes News & Observer advertising products an essential tool for political advertising ( learn more here).


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