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Looking for lost time

I recently read somewhere that people spend 14 days a year looking for lost items. But I am positive moms spend much more time than that searching for misplaced stuff.

Many days, it seems like all I do is look for matching socks, lunch boxes and permission slips that have mysteriously disappeared into the abyss of my house.

Before I had kids, I always assumed that parents wrote their children’s name on their clothes, backpack and other items so other kids wouldn’t accidently take their possessions. But over the years, I have realized that an added benefit is that when my kids leave their stuff somewhere, the item tends to magically make its way home.

At least once a week, someone rings our doorbell and is holding an item that belongs to one of the kids – almost always my 9-year-old son. Or I come home to find one of his belongings left on our front porch. Some days it is his water jug. Other days it is a soccer ball, basketball or football. And most of the time, it is a jacket that he left at a friend’s house, school or even in a park across town.

Now that I think about it, I am willing to wager that 9-year-old boys also spend much than 14 days a year looking for lost items. Oh, and if you happen to find a black jacket with the name Trevor Gregory inside, let me know. I am still waiting for that one to show up on our front porch.

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