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Time for outdoor fun

There’s something wonderful about changing to daylight saving time, even though I missed the extra hour of sleep and my kids stayed up long past their normal bedtime last week.

I didn’t realize how wonderful the extra hour of daylight really was until I became a mom. Being stuck in the house with children makes the house seem smaller, the hours drag on and my patience wear thin. I have to admit I am a much better mom if we can go outside the house.

While I love the holidays, snow – as long as it stays only for a few hours – and drinking hot chocolate with my kids, the fact that we are stuck inside most of the time makes winter my least favorite season.

So as I changed my clocks forward, I had a huge smile on my face. After dinner, we can go for a bike ride, kick the soccer ball in the yard or head down to the playground. And I know that the coming months will bring spring flowers, grilling on the deck and lazy afternoons at the pool. I feel less pressure to cook elaborate meals because sandwiches on the go fit the summertime lifestyle more, and my house stays cleaner with everyone spending more time outside.

And whenever I felt the urge to take a nap or begged my kids to go to sleep, I tried to remember all the fun that the coming days will bring us.

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