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Hole-by-hole guide

No. 1 Par 4, 410 yards

A good starting hole, it's important to keep the tee shot in the fairway. From there, birdies are possible.

No. 2 Par 3, 152 yards

A downhill par 3, hole location is critical. If you're above the hole, two-putting is a challenge.

No. 3 Par 4, 452 yards

A dogleg left that plays slightly uphill. Trees protect the left side, forcing players toward the right side.

No. 4 Par 4, 458 yards

A new tee can stretch this hole to nearly 500 yards if it's used. One of the toughest par-4 holes on the course for any tee.

No. 5 Par 5, 570 yards

A good chance for birdie, especially for players who can cut the corner off the tee. It's a place there might be an eagle or two.

No. 6 Par 3, 250 yards

From the back tees, it's a brute of a par 3, though the tees may be moved up one or two days. The green has a significant slope as well.

No. 7 Par 5, 532 yards

One of the most dramatic holes on the course, framed by water along the right side. A good tee shot and most players can reach the green in two.

No. 8 Par 4, 342 yards

A short par 4 that usually has players laying up off the tee. The green is long, narrow and three-tiered, making it different from most holes.

No. 9 Par 4, 476 yards

A long, tough par 4 that demands two good shots. If the wind is in the players' face, it can mean a long iron or hybrid into the green.

No. 10 Par 5, 591 yards

A slightly downhill par 5 that plays shorter than its length. Long hitters can reach it in two, but the green slopes away from front to back.

No. 11 Par 4, 421 yards

A dogleg left that rewards a player who can work his tee shot around the corner. A good drive will leave a short iron into the green.

No. 12 Par 4, 456 yards

Maybe the prettiest tee shot on the course to a tight fairway lined with trees on both sides. It's also a wickedly tough green to putt.

No. 13 Par 3, 201 yards

A middle-iron shot to a green that is defined by a large collection area on the right side where many shots funnel. Not many birdies here.

No. 14 Par 4, 346 yards

It's tempting to try to drive this short par 4, but the danger is the water that surrounds the left side and back of the green. A fun hole to watch.

No. 15 Par 5, 566 yards

This par 5 bends and turns like a roller coaster going downhill, then up and to the left. Long hitters can reach it in two and birdies are plentiful.

No. 16 Par 4, 480 yards

The start of the "Green Mile" three-hole finish, it's a demanding par 4 with a fairway bunker on the right. Among the most confounding greens on the course.

No. 17 Par 3, 217 yards

This is where bad things can happen. There's water short, left and long and the green isn't receptive. Players will take par and hustle to the next tee.

No. 18 Par 4, 478 yards

A difficult finish that starts with a downhill tee shot to a fairway guarded by a creek left and trees right. The uphill second shot isn't any easier with the creek tight on the left side.