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Water sinks Mickelson at Quail Hollow

Some thoughts after trekking around the Augusta Masters, The Heritage at Hilton Head and the Wells Fargo here at Quail Hollow:

My feet hurt.

There's a simple reason Phil Mickelson doesn't win at Quail Hollow. Water. His wayward shots, usually part of his charm, too often drown in the creeks and pond. He's hit so many balls in the pond at the par 3 17th , the water is near flood level. In eight years, he's had five double bogeys there and is 14 over par.

I heard that a radio guy said Tiger Woods is a wimp because he wouldn't play here with an ankle injury. Is that the same wimp who won the U.S. Open on a broken leg?

Think whatever you like about Rickie Fowler's rainbow clothing, he's a Pied Piper to kids at tournaments, especially the young ladies.

In more than half a century of stadiums, arenas and golf courses, I've never seen an event done better than the Wells Fargo. Everything about it speaks of class. The Masters has its own brand of perfection, its rich history and tradition and rightly it is all about golf there. The Wells Fargo, like The Heritage, is a celebration, more free-spirited. Unless, of course, you're inside the ropes.

I loved watching Seve Ballesteros play. If he was on the course, chances were good you could find me out there with him. He may have had the best hands ever in golf. I can't imagine that he ever worried about swing planes and launch angles and centers of gravity and all that. He was a natural wonder.

Charl Swartzel's victory in the Masters was another indication that pro golf is in a period of transition in which there are many who can win a tournament but few who stand out.

I cover some tournaments, watch a lot of golf on TV, read golf periodicals and read the scores every day. Still there were at least 20 players in the Wells Fargo whose names didn't ring a bell with me. My wife would probably say that's just me but a couple of other writers said the same was true for them.

The 18th at Quail Hollow is one of the most entertaining finishing holes anywhere. The drama that played out there Sunday was terrific.