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What do price, pride have to do with it?

According to an item in Golf World, the wrist watch Bubba Watson wears on and off the course is a Richard Mille model valued at $525,000.

He didn’t buy it. He got it in an endorsement deal. It’s undoubtedly a nice watch and it can tell you what time it is, for sure, but it probably won’t help his game very much.

I’ve never heard anyone say that changing watches smoothed out his swing. If Bubba should go off on a tear, though, win two or three tournaments in a row, well, Richard Mille, you might want to lay in some more stock. Golfers will buy anything they think can help them.

And there’s plenty out there.

For instance, you can buy a Fourteen MT-28 V5T.S. wedge for about 250 bucks. Or a TaylorMade TPxFT CC for about 90 bucks. I have no idea what all the letters and numbers are about but they sound like they mean business, don’t they?

Putters tend to have more colorful designations, like the Odyssey White Ice Dart and Ping Scottsdale Wolverine and TaylorMade Ghost TM 110 Tour. Or the Yes Courtney and Yes Jennifer. (Don’t ask me.)

Putters can be humorous in a sinister sort of way. A lot of them look like something Picasso painted while on heavy hallucinogens.

And some of the specs sound like something from outer space, e.g., the Ping Scottsdale Wolverine: The face balanced, 355-gram head features a thermoplastic elastomer face insert with appliqué that elicits a soft yet solid feel and crisp sound.

Just makes you want to run out and buy it, doesn’t it?

Irons? Pretty much more of the same. For example, you can pick up a set that features “Opimized cavity shape and inner cavity muscle behind the impact area” Why not?

Many of today’s drivers come equipped with mechanisms that allow you to alter stuff with the turn of a screw, sort of like they do stock cars when they aren’t handling properly.

In the interest of full disclosure, my golf bag is such a mess that sometimes I feel like just dumping it and buying a whole new outfit, but have you looked at the prices?

Especially the watches?

One other bit of equipment that caught my eye was the Sensoglove, advertised as the world’s first digital golf glove. I won’t go into the technology of this.

I already have a headache.