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6/14/11 Weather

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Thematic Idea

The weather page can be found every day in the


at the end of section B (or use the table of contents on the left of the screen). It is full of information to cover a variety of objectives for different grade levels. Below are a few ideas of how to use it:

  • Students collect their own weather data and compare to the paper for accuracy
  • The almanac section show data over time. How does it compare to today? Yesterday? Tomorrow?
  • How does our weather compare to other locations (local, national, international)
  • What types of activities would you do in those locations? Why might you decide to visit Boston in the summer and Tuscon in the fall?
  • Study the graph representing the temperature trends. Can you see a trend or pattern?
  • Read the record highs and lows for this day. How do you think that effected people’s activities for the day? If the record was set after 1990 you can use the archives to read the paper from that day.
  • Individual students or small groups pick another location to track the weather for a few weeks and use Use to read the news from those locations and see how the weather effects the news.
  • Find several locations on a map or globe and compare one day’s weather. What similiarities do you see? What about locations along the equator? Or ones farther north?
  • Look at several consecutive days of the national map. How do the air masses move? How does that effect the weather across the country?

You may find it useful for students to construct their own weather station. You can find sites to do that




, and



Top TEN:

Have you listed to a

TED talk

? It is a great way to extend a study of a subject you’ve read about in the N&O.

As always, be sure to preview each talk to determine if the content is appropriate for your students

. Ideas for linking articles from the e-edition to TED Talks: Monday’s announcement about

vaccine availability

and a discussion of


or a Saturday auto section and making a car for blind drivers or an article about the decline of honeybees and the beauty of pollination or this week’s Beethoven shortcut (6D Tuesday) and a discussion of classical music and passion .


Monday’s MiniPage

: found page 2B of

Monday’s paper

. Thanks to Dad



Every Tuesday on 6D

. Topic for this week:

Beethoven Guide

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to meet the characters, access teacher guides and view past issues


Shortcuts: Tractors Guide

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  • What kind of parents do you have? or, What kind are you?

  • Does money buy happiness? Which would you rather have? See Shoe on 6D of 6-8-11

  • All together, how many miles will NC's MLB drafts travel to their new homes? 3C

  • How old will you be the next time Brood XIX cicadas come out? What about the Brood IV? Hint: Wednesday 6-8-11 2B

  • NC Graduation rate on the rise What would you do to increase the rate?

  • How much have Triangle home showings declined since 2007? Hint- Monday 6-6-11 front page.

  • Which company is bringing Angry Birds to your TV? Hint- Monday 6-6-11 2D

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