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These kids can play, and that's official

It was hot, Tiger was firing his caddie, America was wringing its hands over all those major championships that have fallen into the hands of international players and our nation’s legislators were lying on the floor, kicking their feet and screaming because everything wasn’t going their way.

Me? For a couple of days, I didn’t care. I was one of the official scorers for the 20th Metro Junior Championship at Cedarwood Country Club. Kids from 11 years old to 18 played. For a couple of days, the real world went away.

One kid’s hat had a logo with a Harry Potter character on it. Another wore one of those flat-brimmed Ricky Fowler models. Overall, it was pretty much a colorful fashion show that resembled the PGA Tour.

Paying for the equipment these young'uns use could break a small nation.Thirty-eight of the entrants had a handicap of five or less. There were three plus-ones, two scratch players, four ones and seven twos.

These kids can play. They hit it long and they don’t know how hard it is to putt. One 13-year-old girl shot 70 and fussed that it was “a stupid round.” Another didn’t take it so seriously. She said, “I was the comic relief out there.”

They are mannerly, removing their hats and shaking hands after the round, just like the pros.

But keeping score? A lot of them need work. Not that they are misrepresenting their scores. They don’t keep their own scorecard. It’s just that they are so sloppy with their score-keeping, you’d hate to see their rooms at home. It takes them awhile to get it right at the scorer’s table. Some use Blackberries to calculate it.

Those scores ranged from 67 to 120 among the 16- to 18-agers.

There were plenty of trophies, eight in each age group, and there was a buffet lunch – a young gourmet’s delight – of burgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, chips, cookies, brownies and lemonade.

How much better can it get?