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This much we know ... or do we?

Having arrived at the midpoint of the NFL regular season - hot dogs for everyone - it's worth taking a moment to consider where things stand and where they're going.

I'll do that as soon as I get the feeling back in my face after realizing if the season ended now (I know, it doesn't), the Cincinnati Bengals would be tied with the Baltimore Ravens for the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs.

Bengals rookie quarterback Andy Dalton has suddenly become harder to stop than a head freeze.

So far, we've learned that Peyton Manning is more valuable than being Hugh Hefner's next-door neighbor.

We know that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to be on in prime time seemingly every week until the postseason when they'll be watching with everyone else.

We know that Detroit is cool again.

We know that Green Bay is better than bacon.

We know the Panthers are as much fun to watch as "Modern Family."

We know Peyton Hillis is probably history in Cleveland, Cam Newton is making history in Charlotte and history tells us the second half of the season may be better than the first.

TENNESSEE at CAROLINA: Coaches are always talking about how important it is to win the opening minutes of the second half of a game. Ditto for the second half a season. Panthers 31, Titans 24.

ARIZONA at PHILADELPHIA: Winter's starting early in Philly and it's looking like a long one for Andy Reid and his guys. Eagles 24, Cardinals 14.

JACKSONVILLE at INDIANAPOLIS: And we thought the economy collapsed in a hurry. Jags 34, Colts 17.

DENVER at KANSAS CITY: Everybody keeps talking about all the things Tim Tebow can't do, but so far he's 2-1 as a starter. I'm just saying ... Broncos 27, Chiefs 23.

PITTSBURGH at CINCINNATI: Funny how quickly some things just aren't funny anymore.

Like Harold and Kumar movies and Bengals jokes.

They're 6-2 and primed for the Steelers. Is the AFC North suddenly the best division in the NFL? Steelers 20, Bengals 17.

BUFFALO at DALLAS: What do you call a team that's gone 116-116 with one playoff victory since 1997?

The Cowboys.

Here's one to get their heads above water. Cowboys 28, Bills 21.

NEW ORLEANS at ATLANTA: If this were one of those big family gatherings at Thanksgiving, these guys would be eating at the grown-ups table. Saints 34, Falcons 27.

ST. LOUIS at CLEVELAND: Here's the good news for the Rams - they're 1-7 but only one game out of second place in the NFC Worst. Here's the good news for the Browns - hmmmm ... Browns 24, Rams 21.

WASHINGTON at MIAMI: Nothing to see here ... keep moving, people. Dolphins 17, Redskins 13.

HOUSTON at TAMPA BAY: I've got nothing here. Texans 31, Bucs 21.

BALTIMORE at SEATTLE: Are the Ravens the best team in the AFC? Tough to find a better one. Ravens 24, Seahawks 10.

DETROIT at CHICAGO: Short week for the Bears after a big win at Philly on Monday night. Trap week for the Lions who could be looking ahead to the Panthers' visit next week. Bears 21, Lions 20.

NEW YORK GIANTS at SAN FRANCISCO: It's not enough that San Francisco has the wharf and the cable cars, Irish coffee and the wine country, North Beach Restaurant and year-round sweater weather, now it has a football team again. Jim Harbaugh may be better than Penn and Teller. 49ers 28, Giants 20.

NEW ENGLAND at NEW YORK JETS: Because I can't see Tom Brady losing three in a row. Patriots 24, Jets 20.

MINNESOTA at GREEN BAY: Hey, what was the name of that guy who quarterbacked Green Bay before Aaron Rodgers? Brett something ... Packers 41, Vikings 21.

Last week: 8-6

Season: 75-40