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Panthers need road music

With the Panthers heading to Detroit this weekend for the first of three straight road games, it's time for some traveling music.

What's a road trip - or three in a row - without some music?

But getting just the right songs is tricky, like disguising a blitz or avoiding your aunt's Jell-0 casserole at Thanksgiving. There was a time when Roger Miller's "King Of The Road" might have worked, but that's beyond old school even for someone like me who's old enough to remember when it was popular.

Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" is too cliche. The same goes for Percy Mayfield's "Hit The Road Jack."

Robert Earl Keen's "The Road Goes On Forever" might be good, at least until Atlanta comes here Dec. 11.

What we need is Detroit-centric music. It's Motown, after all, not to mention home to Eminem and Kid Rock.

There's "Detroit Breakdown" by The J. Geils Band and "Broke In Detroit Again" by The Dirtbags, but that's not the theme we're after.

"Motor City Madhouse" by Ted Nugent? Let's hope not.

Let's leave it to Kid Rock, who happened to be part of the infamous halftime show in the Panthers' only Super Bowl appearance, to provide the theme song for this week with "What I Learned On The Road."

Carolina at Detroit: The Lions got thumped at Chicago last Sunday and host Green Bay on Thursday. Any chance this is a trap game for them? There's always a chance. Lions 27, Panthers 23.

Cincinnati at Baltimore: It's tempting to say the Bengals aren't as good as their 6-3 record. And, considering they lost at Seattle last Sunday, it's tempting to say the same thing about the Ravens. Baltimore 27, Bengals 21.

Oakland at Minnesota: Note to the Vikings - it's OK to come out now. The Packers have stopped scoring. Raiders 29, Vikings 17.

Buffalo at Miami: Not to say I told you so, but when the Bills got off to their 3-0 start a certain somebody said it was way too early for Bills fans to start making playoff plans. This should pretty well make that official. Dolphins 24, Bills 20.

Tampa Bay at Green Bay: There's good new for the Bucs this weekend - the tundra hasn't frozen yet. Packers 33, Bucs 13.

Dallas at Washington: Evidently the political gridlock in D.C. is contagious. It's spread to the Redskins, who can't get anything done either. Cowboys 34, Redskins 14.

Jacksonville at Cleveland: Get you some of this. Browns 14, Jaguars 13.

Seattle at St. Louis: Last week, the NFC Worst went 4-0. First time since 2002 if you're keeping score at home. Rams 20, Seahawks 17.

Arizona at San Francisco: With the way he turned Stanford around in a hurry and now the 49ers, wonder if coach Jim Harbaugh has any interest in being president? 49ers 33, Cardinals 20.

Tennessee at Atlanta: Falcons coach Mike Smith took the blame for going for it on fourth-and-1 from his own 29 in overtime last week against the Saints. It blew up this time and could, ultimately, cost the Falcons a playoff spot. But I like that Smith took a chance.

Speaking of overtime, teams should be required to score six points to win an overtime game. And don't suggest going to the college overtime format. Please... Falcons 27, Titans 20.

San Diego at Chicago: The most amazing thing about the 37 points the Bears laid on the Lions last Sunday? They scored just one offensive touchdown. Starting to believe in the Bears. Chicago 28, Chargers 24.

Philadelphia at New York Giants: Anyone else getting the feeling the Andy Reid era in Philly may be about to end badly? Giants 26, Eagles 17.

Kansas City at New England: Matt Cassell is hurt. Tom Brady isn't. All that does is change the Patriots' margin of victory. Patriots 34, Chiefs 10.

Last week: 11-4

Season: 86-44