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College football needs major overhaul

For the most part, the NFL gets things right.

There are things that can be improved - Ndamukong Suh, the kickoff rule and no NFL Network on Time Warner Cable come to mind - but it's not like the league needs fixing.

College football, on the other hand...

Pardon me while I yawn at the idea of an Alabama-LSU national championship game. The matchup might be justified, but it's another indictment of a system that's in bigger need of overhaul than a '76 AMC Pacer.

It's not like I'm the first one saying this. I'm just another voice in the choir. I love dynasties but I'm tired of the SEC dynasty. The easy answer is for some other league to man-up and go win a national championship the way Oklahoma, Southern Cal and Texas used to do.

Fat chance of that happening these days. There might be an eight-team playoff before a different league wins the so-called national championship (and Florida and Tennessee have turned into pumpkins).

Won't a potential Stanford-Oklahoma State Fiesta Bowl be more fun than replaying a 9-6 game that wasn't as entertaining as it sounds?

Enough about that, though. We've got the NFL, where the playoffs determine the champion. And it won't be Detroit, San Diego or the New York Giants this season.

Carolina at Tampa Bay: After losing 12 in a row on the road, the Panthers go the other way. Panthers 27, Creamsicles 20.

Tennessee at Buffalo: Bueller...Bueller...anyone? Bills 24, Titans 23.

Kansas City at Chicago: The latest chapter in the Caleb Hanie-Tyler Palko rivalry. Bears 24, Chiefs 20.

Baltimore at Cleveland: The Ravens are like Glenn Close to me. Both of them are good at what they do, but I'd rather not watch them. Ravens 27, Browns 13.

Atlanta at Houston: Jake Delhomme, quarterback, Houston Texans. I like it. Then again, Jake's my favorite Panther ever. Texans 23, Falcons 20.

Oakland at Miami: This game being in Miami reminds me of the Heat. Well, not really, but it reminds me to mention that the best thing about the merciful end of the NBA lockout (it's merciful we don't have to hear about it any more) is the 66-game schedule.

It'll never happen, but if the league really wanted to help itself, it would start its regular season on Christmas Day and play a 65-game regular season. Just saying. Raiders 31, Dolphins 21.

Detroit at New Orleans: The Lions have plenty of swagger. The Saints have plenty of Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham. Saints 37, Lions 13.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh: Tough week for the other Queen City. First, it lost the Chiquita headquarters to Charlotte (where 'nanner puddin' becomes an official food group along with Krispy Kremes and the brisket sandwich at Mac's Speedshop). Now, the Steelers add another bruise. Steelers 26, Bengals 14.

New York Jets at Washington: Just not buying the Jets right now, though they win another one here. Jets 20, Redskins 10.

Indianapolis at New England: With the Andrew Luck countdown in motion in Indianapolis, here's how the ballot of one Heisman voter (yes, me) is likely to look:

1. Andrew Luck

2. Trent Richardson

3. Case Keenum...

Or Robert Griffin III...or Matt Barkley...or...

Patriots 41, Colts 10.

Denver at Minnesota: Is John Fox the NFL's coach of the year thanks to Tim Tebow? What if Denver keeps winning? Broncos 23, Vikings 17.

Dallas at Arizona: It's possible the Cowboys lay a giant egg in this one. Very possible. But let's take the Stetson is half-full approach instead. Cowboys 32, Cardinals 23.

Green Bay at New York Giants: If the Packers are going to lose a regular-season game, this is the one. But after seeing the Giants on Monday night, never mind. Packers 26, Giants 17.

St. Louis at San Francisco: It's the rare one-Harbaugh game. 49ers 41, Rams 20.

San Diego at Jacksonville: This week, the Jaguars decided to change coaches and change owners. Before long, they'll change their name - to the Los Angeles Jaguars. Chargers 23, Jags 17.

Last week: 9-3

Season: 106-49