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Tebowing? 7-1 plus knee equals verbed

Do you Tebow?

As if winning seven of eight starts this season - most of them in more dramatic fashion than a Matt Damon/Jason Bourne movie - the ultimate sign of Tim Tebow's arrival as a star with a higher Q rating than passer rating is that his surname has been turned into a verb.

Tebowing has become the latest rage in our trend-addicted society.

There are worse things. Like "The Office" without Steve Carrell or the Chris Paul trade drama.

If you don't live on the cutting edge, Tebowing is the act of taking a knee and in prayerful reflection during a game, which is what Denver Broncos coach John Fox must do every Sunday afternoon now.

According to a website called the Global Language Monitor (which sounds like a seventh grade English teacher's best friend), Tebowing is now an official word.

Not since "Obamamania" swept the country in 2008 has a word become a part of our language so quickly, according to the website. Is it necessary to ask when anyone last heard Obamamania used in a sentence?

Tebowing is likely to continue, at least through the end of the football season or until he throws three picks in a game.

No one saw it coming. No one's sure how long it will last. And there's no reason not to enjoy it.

CAROLINA at HOUSTON: It was Dean Martin who sang, "I'm going back to Houston, Houston, Houston." That's the Panthers' theme song this week. They haven't been back to either - Houston or the Super Bowl - since Feb. 1, 2004. Texans 26, Panthers 17.

NEW ORLEANS at MINNESOTA: There's no truth to the rumor that the Big East is considering adding the Vikings to the league next year. It took Boise State instead. Saints 34, Vikings 24.

SEATTLE at CHICAGO: Two words to fix the Bears' quarterback problem - Brett Favre. Why are you shaking your head? Bears 24, Seahawks 10.

CINCINNATI at ST. LOUIS: What does Rams coach Steve Spagnola have in common with fired coaches Tony Sparano, Jack Del Rio and Todd Haley? Nothing ... yet. Bengals 28, Rams 21.

GREEN BAY at KANSAS CITY: The Packers are three games away from a perfect regular season. After this one, they'll be two games away. Packers 37, Chiefs 20.

TENNESSEE at INDIANAPOLIS: The Colts are three games away from a perfect regular season. After this one, they'll be two games away. Titans 20, Colts 14.

MIAMI at BUFFALO: Now that Tony Sparano is out at Miami, the Dolphins need to make a splashy coaching hire. Don Shula's still around. Just saying. Bills 24, Dolphins 21.

WASHINGTON at NEW YORK GIANTS: Rex Grossman against Eli Manning. Enough said. Giants 27, Redskins 13.

DALLAS at TAMPA BAY: There are worse things than losing to the Bucs...but not many, ar least not at the moment. Cowboys 27, Bucs 20

DETROIT at OAKLAND: Next question. Raiders 30, Lions 20.

NEW ENGLAND at DENVER: Tebow makes all things seem possible. But he's not Tom Brady. Patriots 27, Broncos 14.

CLEVELAND at ARIZONA: Like hearing "The Little Drummer Boy" or "The Twelve Days of Christmas," this is something I can do without. Cardinals 36, Browns 20.

NEW YORK JETS at PHILADELPHIA: Time for a Michael Vick moment. Eagles 27, Jets 21.

BALTIMORE at SAN DIEGO: Like fruit cake and car antlers, the Chargers seem to show up this time every year. And like those things, they're quickly forgotten. Ravens 14, Chargers 13.

PITTSBURGH at SAN FRANCISCO: You wouldn't want to get on the bad side of Steelers' hit man James Harrison. But he evidently doesn't have a good side. 49ers 23, Steelers 16.

Last week: 12-3

Season: 129-56

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