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Welcome to NIE Connect - the N&O NIE blog!  What is NIE?  NIE is an acronym for News in Education. NIE helps educators who want to use the newspaper as a teaching tool in their classrooms. Some NIE teachers teach about the newspaper; some NIE teachers teach with the newspaper.

The NIE program is a cooperative effort between area schools and The News & Observer to promote the use of the newspaper as an educational tool - a "living textbook". Our goal is to increase literacy and citizenship and help students become successful members of our community by supporting K—12 grade level teachers in North Carolina and by providing digital subscriptions of our newspaper to educators and students, free of charge.

In addition to making the electronic edition of the N&O available to educators statewide, NIE also provides newspaper-based resource materials, such as educational supplements, serial stories and teacher guides that offer relevant, real-world learning opportunities in reading, writing, grammar, social studies, current events, science, math and more!

NIE Connect is a blog for teachers, parents and school administrators to discover helpful teaching resources and to share their stories about how they use the News & Observer in their classrooms. NIE Connect is maintained by The News & Observer's NIE Manager.

Not sure where to start? There is a helpful guide available called “I Know! I Read It in the Newspaper!”, produced by KRP, a company that specialized in producing material for teachers. This 8-page guide will take you though the newspaper from the front page to the back cover. It highlights each section of the paper and features ways to engage kids with activities and games. Click on the cover above or click here to download the guide (PDF).

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