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Some Cowboys prefer no divisions in new Pac-10

STILLWATER -- Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy said he prefers that there be no divisions if his Cowboys and five other Big 12 schools join an expanded Pac-10 Conference.

Gundy told The Oklahoman on Thursday that he prefers one 16-team league with the top two teams playing in a championship game. Gundy also supported such a play in the Big 12.

''I would not have divisions," Gundy said. "(Not having them) keeps interest the entire season. If one side is struggling there's not going to be as much interest in the division."

''Fans would like to see you play Washington and then Cal. It would rotate. I think fans would like it. Fans, they enjoy variety."

Reports about the expansion of the PAC-10 have included speculation that the league would be split into two divisions, with the former Big 12 schools (OU, OSU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Colorado) joining Arizona and Arizona State in a east division.

OSU basketball coach Travis Ford also advocated no divisions.

''Personally, I would like to see it where you could play some of the teams more," Ford said. "Be creative. If you're going to do it, be a little creative with it."

Gundy and Ford both said they had hoped the Big 12 could stay intact and neither has been given a timeline for when a Pac-10 announcement could come.