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Panthers will go a week without a loss - thanks bye

Walking out of Bank of America Stadium Sunday afternoon - long before the game was over and long after it became clear the Panthers weren't a threat to win - I heard an original PSL owner say he felt almost foolish for having paid to watch the Panthers play.

He, no doubt, had plenty of company.

The good news is the Panthers are off this Sunday, blessed with a bye and a weekend to get away.

After watching the first five games this season, the prospect of aerating the yard Sunday sounds appealing. You get the feeling Lombardi couldn't do much more than John Fox right now.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a Buffalo Bills fan, now you know. At least you didn't have to spring for the thick parka and a snowblower.

Earlier this week, Bills owner Ralph Wilson said he thinks it will take three years for his franchise to fully rebuild. Panthers owner Jerry Richardson isn't saying what he thinks, at least not publicly.

He's never been a reactionary type but a few words right now wouldn't hurt. Neither does a week off.

As for Week Six:

SEATTLE at CHICAGO: Admit it, that was a sweet deflection/interception Julius Peppers made against the Panthers last weekend. Kinda made you long for the old days. Kinda. Bears 30, Seahawks 20.

MIAMI at GREEN BAY: Given the current health issues facing the team, the Packers will wear special helmets this weekend: They will be white with large red crosses on them. Dolphins 23, Packers 16.

KANSAS CITY at HOUSTON: The Chiefs haven't scored a touchdown on the road this season. Just saying ... Texans 33, Chiefs 22.

CLEVELAND at PITTSBURGH: The Steelers lost to the Browns last season, the NFL version of a spinach-in-your-teeth moment. They brushed this time. Steelers 34, Browns 10.

SAN DIEGO at ST. LOUIS: Don't you know Don Coryell would have loved Philip Rivers? Chargers 41, Rams 31.

DETROIT at NEW YORK GIANTS: Hakeem Nicks is the man. Giants 34, Lions 24.

BALTIMORE at NEW ENGLAND: Time to find out if the Ravens really are the NFL's best team right now. Ravens 28, Patriots 21.

ATLANTA at PHILADELPHIA: If the Falcons win in Booville, it might be time to jump on the bandwagon. Eagles 23, Falcons 20.

NEW ORLEANS at TAMPA BAY: This feels like a must-win game for the Saints. It's not, but ... Saints 24, Bucs 13.

NEW YORK JETS at DENVER: The case against the Jets:

They played a late Monday night game;

They have to travel two time zones west;

They have to play in the mile-high air.

And the case for the Jets:

They're pretty good.

Jets 26, Broncos 17.

OAKLAND at SAN FRANCISCO: OK, so things aren't going so well for the Panthers these days. Consider the plight of the 0-5 49ers, whose fans are calling for Alex Smith to be replaced at quarterback. They want David Carr. Be careful what you wish for. 49ers 31, Raiders 24.

DALLAS at MINNESOTA: Two versions of desperation. Vikings 27, Cowboys 20.

INDIANAPOLIS at WASHINGTON: Something's missing with the Colts this year. But there's still time to find it. Colts 27, Redskins 21.

TENNESSEE at JACKSONVILLE: According to a recent Harris Poll, the Jaguars are the least popular team in the NFL. In other words, Brussels sprouts. Titans 24, Jags 20.

Last week: 5-9

Season: 37-38