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Golf's random thoughts that keep you up at night

Some thoughts on golf and stuff:

Golf got this one right. Rocco Mediate won the Open last week, ending a long victory drought that included a playoff loss to Tiger Woods in the 2008 U.S. Open. Mediate's not a glamour figure, not a guy who's likely to appear in clothing ads, but he's one of the good guys. Fans love him, because he looks and acts like the guy next door, the one who helps you unload something heavy or holds the ladder while you're cleaning the gutters. He gave them some thrills last week with a hole-in-one and three shots holed from the fairway to secure his place on the tour. He needed the win and golf needed to keep him around.

The putter is the great equalizer. We fuss about how far the bomb-and-gouge advocates in pro golf can hit it nowadays but they still have to use the quiver stick on the greens and the only power you need there is the power of positive thinking.

If you love golf and believe in spirits, spend some time in Pinehurst, even if you don't get in a round while you're there.

Someone figured out that the average golfer walks 900 miles a year. The average golfer drinks 22 gallons of alcohol a year. So, on average, golfers get 41 miles per gallon. That sounds about right to me.

Tiger Woods starts winning again in 2011.

Phil Mickelson seems too absorbed in technique. He was born with a hall of fame game. He should just go play.

Those thin-legged britches a lot of tour pros wear are not for everyone.

Why so many foreign accents in television golf? Maybe because they can pronounce Padraig?

Golf has become like baseball when it comes to statistics. You can actually find out how far a tour player missed the fairway. And, of course, the exact length of every putt. Back in the day, if you asked a player how long a putt was, he might say, "Oh, I don't know, about the length of my arm" or maybe "'bout as long as your necktie."

That thing you do, where you wind up on one leg after you swing, and sometimes fall down, get a pro to take a look at that. You could hurt yourself.