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All is not lost in Pantherland; it's a matter of perspective

What many see as a lost season for the Carolina Panthers is, in fact, a matter of perspective. Some people look for the negative. Others look for what we'll call a whiter shade of pale.

Change your perspective and here's what you'll see:

If you go to home games, you rarely have to stay more than three quarters.

There aren't nearly as many ticket scalpers hanging around the stadium.

Wearing your Jake Delhomme jersey doesn't feel so awkward anymore.

You can get in the holiday spirit early by giving your tickets to the Arizona game to friends and calling it a present.

Punting can be fun to watch.

The flag guys don't run across the field nearly as often as in other seasons.

The networks are ignoring the Panthers so it's not like the whole country is seeing what's happening.

And, anything can happen in Week 10:

CAROLINA at TAMPA BAY: The only way John Fox's season could get worse is if he were elected to the school board.

Bucs 27, Panthers 10.

DETROIT at BUFFALO: The Bills are winless but if they played the Panthers on a neutral field, they would be favored. After several near-misses, the Bills win one for Marv Levy and their other fan.

Bills 23, Lions 20.

CINCINNATI at INDIANAPOLIS: Just like holiday decorations start popping up this time of year, so does a familiar question: How long can Marvin Lewis hang on as the Bengals' coach given their chronic underachieving?

Colts 41, Bengals 17.

NEW YORK JETS at CLEVELAND: Break up the Browns. Cleveland 27, Jets 24.

HOUSTON at JACKSONVILLE: The Jags are a little better than expected. The Texans aren't as good as expected. That's the kind of in-depth evaluation you get here.

Jags 34, Texans 24.

MINNESOTA at CHICAGO: Of the Bears' five wins, four have come against Detroit, Dallas, Carolina and Buffalo. OK, so the Bears beat Green Bay, too. The record says 5-3 but it feels like fool's gold.

Vikings 29, Bears 18.

TENNESSEE at MIAMI: The Randy Moss era begins in Jeff Fisher's kingdom. They could find an easier place to start. Dolphins 24, Titans 17.

KANSAS CITY at DENVER: The Broncos give a demonstration in how to turn a four-game losing streak into a five-game losing streak.

Chiefs 30, Broncos 20.

ST. LOUIS at SAN FRANCISCO: The Rams' Sam Bradford is what the 49ers hoped Alex Smith was going to be all those years ago. Rams 31, 49ers 21.

DALLAS at NEW YORK GIANTS: Here's an easy one: Which of these NFL coaches had the highest career winning percentage?

A: Chuck Noll

B. Jimmy Johnson

C. Bill Parcells

D. Wade Phillips.

You guessed it, the most recent former Cowboys coach, whose career .573 percentage is better than the three Hall of Famers listed with him. Then again, Jason Garrett, the new Cowboys' coach, is unbeaten.

Until now. Giants 34, Cowboys 14.

SEATTLE at ARIZONA: It's the NFC West. Does it really matter? Cardinals 32, Seahawks 28.

NEW ENGLAND at PITTSBURGH: It's like watching games in a different league than the one the Panthers are playing in these days.

Patriots 28, Steelers 24.

PHILADELPHIA at WASHINGTON: After being benched in the final two minutes of the Skins' last game, Donovan McNabb is back as the team's starter this week.

Apparently coach Mike Shanahan decided McNabb can run the two-minute offense - the first two minutes - after which all bets are off.

Eagles 24, Redskins 20.

Last week: 11-2

Season: 66-48