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When most think of motorcycle riding they picture warm Spring days or Hot Summer days. However, the Fall does provide some of the best riding weather of the year. Fall temperatures are like that last bowl of porridge found by Goldilocks after breaking and entering, not too hot and not too cold, but just right. In addition, the Fall colors are absolutely stunning, an attraction unto themselves! The Fall is also a good time to find a great deal when buying a bike.

But before you buy you must select the right bike, the best bike for you and for the type of riding that you want to do. There are two basic categories of bikes; off-road dirt bikes and on road bikes. In addition, there are several different types of on-road bikes which include; cruisers, customs, three wheeled bikes, street fighter/naked bikes and sport bikes. Take a look the models below, to see which one will fit the type of riding you want to do.

CRUISERS:HARLEY DAVISON CVO SOFTAIL CONVERTIBLEDuring a visit up to Wisconsin, to test the Porsche Panamera on the famed Road America race track, I stopped in Milwaukee for a visit at the Harley Davidson headquarters. While there, I rode the CVO Softail Convertible, a cruiser model.

Typically a cruiser is a larger, heavier bike with wide fairings and a taller windshield. Fairings are the body work elements that cover the engine and frame. Although the Harley Davidson CVO has a lower seat height, most cruisers can be a bit tall for shorter riders and with their added weight they can be a handful. The HD CVO had great torque which powered if off the line quickly, had a smooth ride and was pretty “nimble” for a cruiser. If you are looking to get a cruiser make sure that you are able to pull the bike up from the kick stand position and balance it. Advantages: Comfortable, style, good power, good rider space and good cargo space. Negatives: Heavy, bulky and expensive.

CUSTOMS:HONDA FURYCustom bike models are a cross, combination between a cruise, and a sport bike. Primarily it has more cruiser elements than anything else. The Honda Fury is one of a few customs that you can buy from a large manufacturer. Most customs are designed and manufactured by much smaller outfits, which makes each custom creation, very unique and very expensive.

Choppers are the pinnacle of customs with their style and wild attitude. Customs are not about safety or comfort, but all about style and attitude. More often than not, they also have a lot of power for flashy, loud exits. The long forks, uncluttered fit & finish, and seamless engine compartment create a visual master piece. Bikes like the Honda Fury give not only give you a fun ride, but are also works of art. Advantages: Power, style, style and more style, oh, and attitude. Disadvantages: some are not comfortable and most are very expensive.

THREE WHEELERS:CAN-AM SPYDERThe Can Am Spyder is the most unique bike in this line-up with its signature three wheel stance. Unlike a traditional bike, a three wheeled motorcycle like the Can Am Spyder is much more stable. If you are somewhat intimidated by two wheeled bikes, a three wheeled set up could be for you. It is also much easier to convince your girlfriend or wife to ride a three wheel bike over a two wheeled bike. The Spyder had good speed, nice comfort, lots of passenger space and good cargo space. And with the two wheels up front, it is more stable than three wheeled bikes that have only one wheel up front. Oh and I almost forgot, the Can Am Spyder is pretty fast too! Advantages: stability, comfort and versatility. Disadvantages: not as nimble in turns as a traditional bike.

STREETFIGHTERS/NAKED BIKES:TRIUMPH SPEED TRIPLEA street fighter, which is also known as a naked bike, is a model that has no or very few fairings. Like the Triumph Speed Triple, a naked bike is almost a sport bike but is higher off the ground with handle bars that are positioned higher. This helps if you are a bigger or a taller rider providing more leg room, and because the riding position is more upright, it is a more comfortable riding position.

Another thing that naked bikes are known for is a rebellious, in your face, bold, unrefined style. The Triumph Speed Triples style is exactly that, and when dressed in matt black, the menacing look is complete. But naked bikes aren’t all about style, they can perform too. In fact, the Triumph Speed Triple is as close to a two wheeled muscle car as you can get. But the absence of fairings and a windshield leaves the rider open to hard hitting wind at speeds above 75 mph.Advantages: comfortable riding position, muscle car power and awesome style. Disadvantage: lack of fairings leaves rider exposed to wind buffing.

SPORT BIKES:APRILIA RSV4 FACTORYSport bikes are some of the fastest road going vehicles PERIOD. For instance, the Aprilia RSV4 Factory has 182 horsepower, more than many cars that weigh thousands of pounds more. The Aprilia RSV4 Factory has a 0-60 of 2.8 seconds and a top speed over 180mph. Sport bikes are known for a harsher ride, a lower stance, more compact riding position and out of this world performance levels.

The riding position can be uncomfortable, especially for long rides and a harsher ride because of the firmer suspension for most sport bikes. Personally, I was not overly fatigued during my long rides on the Aprilia RSV4 Factory, but sport cars and sports bikes are my absolute favorites, so I can overlook a harsher rider better than most. If not respected performance a sport bike can be dangerous, especially one as powerful as the RSV4 Factory.

I would only recommend an experienced rider for this awesome bike. Models like the Aprilia RSV4 Factory, an Italian bike, are just as stylish as they are fast. The Aprilia RSV4 Factory for example is basically a street legal race bike, or you can think of it as a two wheel Lamborghini. Advantages: power, performance and style. Humm, did I mention power, performance and style? Disadvantages: harsh ride, riding position, too much performance for most riders.