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Cheeseheads and Steelers for the bowl

Now there are four.

And I don't mean Jimmy, Terry, Howie and Michael.

The Super Bowl tournament - that's really what it is - has reached its penultimate weekend with the possibility of snow, sleet and freezing fans.

It has arrived without the New England Patriots, who have become so playoff-averse that the Dallas Cowboys have won a playoff game more recently than the hooded genius and his guys.

It has arrived without the Atlanta Falcons, Michael Vick, Pete Carroll, Drew Brees, Ray Lewis and the Kardashian sisters, though they are officially listed as doubtful due to a mascara mishap.

We're looking at what could be the best Sunday of the football season with two questions - who's going to win, and do tortilla chips qualify as a vegetable if they're really made of corn?

GREEN BAY at CHICAGO: So let me get this straight - the Packers are the sixth seed in the NFC playoffs, playing on the road and they're everybody's pick to beat the Bears. That makes the Packers hotter than Clay Aiken right after his Idol run.

The thinking is that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is unstoppable these days, and he may be. Then again, Tom Brady looked unstoppable, too, and now he's working on his wedge game.

The Bears are a nice team but they're hard to get excited about if you aren't from Chicago. They're like meatloaf. I like meatloaf, but not on Super Bowl Sunday.

Not when I can have cheeseheads. Packers 27, Bears 20.

NEW YORK JETS at PITTSBURGH: Could they be more different?

The Jets are loud and sassy - and that's just their head coach.

The Steelers are tough and gritty - and that's just their cheerleaders.

Over the past few weeks, the Jets have taken down more big names than the National Enquirer. They've talked the talk and walked the walk, and let's not even get into what kind of shoes they're wearing.

The Steelers are just doing what the Steelers do - mashing faces and winning games that are generally as pretty as an avocado. They have a quarterback some people like, some people don't, but he's two wins away from proving he's one of the greats.

The Jets in the Super Bowl would be fresh. Just imagine the chatter. Imagine Rex Ryan in all those press conferences.

Then consider the reality: Steelers 24, Jets 17.

Postseason: 5-3