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Two great white sharks tracked off NC coast. One is twice as long as a king-size bed.

If you're headed to any of North Carolina's beaches any time soon, you'll be joining two great white sharks who are visiting, too.

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Two great whites were tracked off the North Carolina coast this week, according to shark research organization OCEARCH.

Hilton, a 12.5-foot mature male great white, weighs 1,326 pounds. Savannah, an 8.5-foot immature female great white, weighs 460 pounds.

Hilton is about twice as long as a king-size bed, or about as long as a Volkswagen Beetle.

Hilton pinged off the coast from Wilmington, possibly on his way far north, according to OCEARCH.

Both white sharks were caught and tagged by OCEARCH in Hilton Head, S.C. last year.

Savannah pinged much closer to the coast — just off Cape Lookout National Seashore near Morehead City.

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The sharks are tracked by “pings.” When a tagged shark’s dorsal fin breaks the surface, it transmits a signal to a satellite, which then sends geographical data.

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