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5/13 Letters: Chip Alexander should be commended for his perfect Southern style.

I have known Chip Alexander since we both attended Everett Case’s Basketball School for boys in the early 1960s. It is in his perfect Southern style to simply move on from the outrageous way he was dealt with by the WBZ-FM host who so rudely cut him off because of his Southern accent and the premise that no Southern reporter could know anything about hockey. Hey Beantown, our precious Triangle receives national acclaim every day and is filled with folks from all over the U.S. Chip is the perfect representative for us all, and kudos to Chip for his many years of handling his job with dignity and professionalism. And to the guy that cut him off, your mom taught you better! Y’all come back now, you hear?

Marvin Waldo


True heroism

In the last few days we have witnessed two examples of individuals rising above themselves with acts of true heroism. Riley Howell at UNC Charlotte and Kendrick Castillo of Colorado both, without hesitation, sacrificed their lives to protect their classmates. If these actions are true heroism, and how could they not be, how then should we characterize the “actions” of our members of Congress who can only seem to come up with “thoughts and prayers”? Where is there any example of such courage among our political “leadership”? The NRA and its political enablers in Congress have earned, many times over, a heavy mantle of shame. As we rightfully laud Riley and Kendrick, let’s not allow those whose criminal negligence put them in harm’s way to escape their reckoning.

John Twomey


Police oversight committee

I spent the last 24 years of my law enforcement career on the Raleigh Police Department. Thank God I retired in 2006, because there is no way I could survive as a police officer in today’s climate. I can assure the citizens of Raleigh that the Raleigh Police Department goes above and beyond in policing its own agency. It is bad enough that police officers can no longer do their job without the fear of what will happen when they make a one-second decision to stay alive. If the powers that be in Raleigh ever implement a civilian police oversight committee, I would encourage all officers to walk off the job because at that point many of their careers will be short-lived. Radical and liberal civilians have no idea how a professional police mind reaches conclusions. Police oversight committees will cause many police officers to lose their lives. Leave the boys in blue alone; they have it hard enough.

Wayne R. Muller


Burr and the high road

I want to commend Sen. Richard Burr’s recent subpoena of Donald Trump, Jr. It is a struggle for me to keep up with the news lately, and I had heard something about the senator’s questionable visit to the White House, the details of which I dreaded to learn. The next time I heard his name, however, it was quite a relief. Sometimes I am afraid to even hope for reasonable actions from Republicans, so the apparently bipartisan nature of Burr’s and Sen. Mark Warner’s decision to subpoena the president’s namesake seems like a courageous act of patriotism. Maybe it is. They will surely be lashed from the right, so in the interest of balance, I just want to express my appreciation that they are trying to take the high road.

Laura Ralston


Undue burden

Republican elected officials typically argue that gun regulations proposed by Democrats would place an undue burden on gun owners and would be ineffectual in stopping criminals from using guns to harm and kill innocents. Yet what if this argument was used about metal detectors and baggage checks at airports? These measures are certainly burdensome, but the majority of us accept them as necessary and effective precautions against real threats to our safety. We need our elected officials to take the problem of gun violence as seriously. We all have a right to go to school, church or any other public place without being shot. I have a right to ask my elected officials what they are doing to prevent a scenario in which a deeply disturbed person seeks to shoot me and others just for going about our day. I’m tired of seeing my fellow citizens wounded and killed while elected officials do nothing to address the problem.

Bert Clere