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5/14 Letters: I’m proud of Senator Burr’s work as chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

Good for Burr

I have been at odds with Sen. Richard Burr’’s past partisan positions, but his request to have Donald Trump Jr. testify again in front of the Intelligence Committee shows that finally we are establishing equilibrium in our search for what happened in the 2016 election. It is time we clearly identify if there was malfeasance and what needs to be corrected.

We are deeply divided, and there is a lack of trust in our political and judicial systems. It is past time we go back to the middle of the road and resume achieving progress for our citizens and taxpayers. As a republic, we elect officials to represent our opinions and best interest.Sen. Burr is showing impartiality in the discharge of his office! He represents us, the citizens of N.C. and the nation, as chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

George Garcia


Not enough credit for Trump

Trump bashers are wrong and completely out of control. We seem to forget that Russians attempted to sway an election during the Obama presidency. We forget the vile comments made by Hollywood liberals during the so-called march on Washington during the inauguration.

Mueller and his lawyers spent two years and millions of dollars trying to take down Trump. After failing to prove collusion, they concocted obstruction of justice. If they can’t win there, they will go after his tax returns without justification and then smear him for failing to produce them. Democrats, in concert with a biased, liberal media, are trying to destroy Trump. Trump has worked hard to protect our borders and sovereignty and grow our economy. Democrats have stonewalled him at every turn. Despite a booming economy and record low unemployment, I have yet to read an N&O article with Trump given any credit. Democrats and the news media will continue to attack Trump until the next election.

James Bullock

Wake Forest

Why gentrification hurts

I’ve been waiting for someone to respond to Ned Barnett’s Opinion piece of May 4 (“SE Raleigh is gentrifying. Is that so bad?”), but I’ve seen no comment so far. Barnett needs to understand that gentrifying is a more gradual approach to “urban renewal” than bulldozers clearing whole neighborhoods in order to build new business districts. James Baldwin called urban renewal “Negro removal,” and I believe his term should also apply to gentrification.

The problem with gentrification is that long-time tenants and homeowners get squeezed out by rising property values. These residents are predominantly African Americans. Meanwhile, affordable neighborhoods are scarce and getting scarcer. Long-time residents, some of them elderly, may have to move far away from the friends and neighbors who have, in many cases, functioned like extended family. Yet family and friendship ties must not interfere with economic progress — or so I gather. I urge the N&O and its readership to consider the picture more from the point of view of those displaced by gentrification.

Katherine Bradley Johnson


My soul is fine, thank you

As a Democrat, I decided to take J. Peder Zane’s advice and search my soul (“Democrats should be searching their souls,” May 9). I’m here to report that my soul and those of my fellow Democrats are doing just fine, thank you. We still believe that no one is above the law and only the truth gives all people the best possible chance for justice. Abraham Lincoln said “you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” While this may be incredibly inconvenient for Trump supporters, that is a choice they are choosing to make. Contrast the Lindsey Graham of 1999, hell-bent on cleansing the presidency, with his silent counterpart of today. Lastly, Democrats believe that no one should attempt to defend the indefensible. How is your soul doing today, Zane?

Hillel Abrams


A Southern example

I think longtime sports reporter Chip Alexander should be awarded an honorary hat trick for remaining professional, positive and persevering while being ridiculed for his Southern accent by a Boston radio guy. I’m sure Mr. Alexander wouldn’t want this guy put in the penalty box for unsportsmanlike conduct, but for those of us who think a Southern accent is sweet, I would love for that guy to get a game misconduct. Go Canes!

Lynda Holshouser

Conway, SC