Goat Parade to line up for Festifall

Artist Lisa Goldstein’s entry, “Whatever Floats Your Goat,” wears a pink bikini, sun visor and inner tube.
Artist Lisa Goldstein’s entry, “Whatever Floats Your Goat,” wears a pink bikini, sun visor and inner tube.

If Lisa Goldstein’s entry in the Goat Parade makes you groan, instead of grin, blame her husband.

“My husband is very punny, and I rose to the occasion,” the 52-year-old painter said as she worked on “Whatever Floats Your Goat” at University Mall recently. The life-size, fiberglass goat wears a pink bikini, sun visor and inner tube.

And then there were the ideas for entries Goldstein submitted that didn’t make it: “Escapegoat” and “Bleat It,” the Michael Jackson goat.

“I couldn’t decide, so I put in all three,” she said.

Artists will put on the finishing touches at the mall this week before the herd trots out for its official unveiling Oct. 5 at Festifall and then to community locations after that.

A Nov. 14 gala at project sponsor Galloway Ridge at Fearrington, where the goats will be auctioned off, will benefit the Robert and Pearl Seymour Senior Center in Chapel Hill and the Chatham County Council on Aging in Pittsboro

The project resembles the 80-bovine CowParade North Carolina that raised about $300,000 for the N.C. Children’s Hospital last year.

“The idea of creating an art exhibit as a fundraiser is not a huge stretch for Galloway Ridge,” said Pat Richardson, director of community relations for Galloway Ridge. The retirement community hosts juried arts events three times a year. With that project celebrating three years in September, “we felt we would create yet another artist project donating the money raised to outside organizations in the community.”

Two goats down from Goldstein at the mall last month, Ginger Anderson was filling in paramecium-like swirls in “Perfectly Paisley.”

“I guess growing up in the ’60s, I’ve always liked paisley,” said the 71-year-old former guidance counselor and English teacher, who’s been painting all her life. “I wanted something colorful that a lot of people could identify with.”

But Anderson said she didn’t realize painting a three-dimensional sculpture would be so different from canvas.

“You’re painting at an angle,” she said. “You have to crawl on the floor.”

Or lie on your back, as Goldstein did to paint “Whatever Float’s” belly.

The goats will remain at the mall through Sept. 15. In addition to Goldstein, Anderson and the Chapel Hill Art Gallery, participating artists are Julia Kennedy, Steven Ray Miller, Nick Murray, Reid Coyner, Lauren Roberts, Elbert Tremblay and Jane Woodard.

Tremblay, 87, has been painting for 60 years and teaches water colors and acrylics at Galloway Ridge.

His entry will look familiar to Fearrington Village visitors. It’s a “beltie,” or striped goat like the belted black and white cows that graze outside the village barn and have become the retirement community’s mascot.

Except his goat has big, pink flowers on the side.

“I Just thought it would be nice,” Tremblay said.