Gifts for Fitness

The Jawbone Up fitness-tracking wristband goes far beyond crunching numbers, $129.95 at REI.
The Jawbone Up fitness-tracking wristband goes far beyond crunching numbers, $129.95 at REI.

It’s almost time for those New Year’s resolutions, but, for some, fitness is much more than a fad. Here are some gifts that will delight your health-minded loved ones, whether they need a nudge as they get back into shape or just something new to try out while they’re busy putting the rest of us to shame.

Stacy Chandler

Jawbone Up

This sleek fitness-tracking wristband goes far beyond crunching numbers. You can set inactivity alerts, monitor sleep and eating patterns, and even track your moods. All the data syncs with an app that helps you keep organized and informed at a glance.

$129.95 at REI

Passport to Prana

A great option for someone who’s been meaning to try yoga but doesn’t quite know where to start. The card, good for one year, lets you take one class free at each participating studio – the local version provides access to more than 30 studios, offering a range of yoga styles, all over the Triangle.

$30 at

Injinji Sport OTC socks

These toe socks are designed to keep your feet protected, comfy AND looking good. The over-the-calf version warms legs during winter walks and pairs well with tall boots.

$16 at Fleet Feet Sports.

Gaiam Restore Dual Temperature Body Wrap

When a workout goes a little too far, this rice and flax seed-filled wrap can get right to the sore spot, whether you need heat or a cool-down. An all-natural lavender scent soothes the mind while your body heals.

$24.98 at

Osprey Hydration Pack

These sleek packs let you haul your H2O on an outdoor adventure – along with lots of other supplies. Men’s and women’s product lines ensure a fit best-suited for your frame, and lots of add-on options customize the pack into what’s just right for you.

Prices vary by size and model, at Great Outdoor Provision Company

Nike Shield Flash jacket

Keep your nighttime runner safe with this highly reflective jacket. The fabric, with 400-candlepower panels all around – right at car headlight height – is also breathable, water resistant and machine washable. Men’s and women’s styles available.

$350 at Fleet Feet Sports.

Honey Stinger Energy Chews

A burst of energy doesn’t have to taste terrible or be terrible for you. These chews come in lots of fun flavors, including cherry cola, pink lemonade, pomegranate and orange blossom. They’re made from organic tapioca syrup, honey and other ingredients you’ve heard of, including white tea to fuel the caffeinated varieties.

$1.99 per pack at Whole Foods Market.